BOOKS: New book republishes old classics with Christian themes

Despite being a person of faith, deeply involved in Church life and a sinner ever seeking God’s mercy, I was raised in a scientific-thinking household. My father was a research biologist and this kind of thinking pervaded our lives, but never at the expense of faith.

New book shows how Bible supports Church teaching on Eucharist

New book shows how Bible supports Church teaching on Eucharist. It’s one thing to be born and baptized into the Church or make up our own mind, for whatever reason to become Catholic, but it’s something altogether different to prove why being Catholic lies at the root of the Truth.

BOOKS: ‘Rocket Ships and God’ — Book uses science to argue for God’s existence

Dr. Martino takes the notion of faith and truth and paints broad-strokes directly into the secular world.

New book chronicles lives of great Dominicans

With the eighth centenary of the Order of Preachers, or Dominicans, upon us this year, the book is very timely.

BOOKS: ‘Simply Open: A Guide to Experiencing God in the Everyday’

I write for a Catholic newspaper and belong to a Catholic religious order, yet I’m about to unleash a review of a book written by a non-Catholic Christian pastor.

Authors offer tips for improving relations, strengthening faith in kids

Pair of books remind parents of their primary role as their child's educator and remind them that any hope of having children living the faith must be preceded by parents who are fully engaged in living the faith.

Prayer books for Advent, Christmas, Year of Mercy

More than 20 titles to choose from for die hard readers, Pope Francis aficionados and the average Catholic searching for prayer guides. Plus a title for teenagers and another for moms.

Author explores how art, architecture lead us to prayer

Images and architecture, he writes, can teach us and lead us to prayer as do the Scriptures, acting as "stimuli" to encounter God's presence as a feast.

BOOKS: Faith illumines thorny issues — Church’s social teaching explained

We might think it safe to say that the Church, like the world, is in disarray and is victim to the calamity of whim. A fellow English professor says so in his new book, “Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching.”

Slim volume offers amazing depth in look at history of Jesuits

Over the course of time, "myths and misunderstandings about the Jesuits" entered so deeply into the public mind that "they seem impossible to eradicate."