MOVIES: Toy Story 4

NEW YORK (CNS) — Just how good are the hotshots behind “Toy Story 4” (Disney)?

Knights of Columbus debut ‘Everyday Heroes,’ six-part documentary on ABC

Those profiled fall into three broad categories: athletes; active-duty military personnel and veterans; and Knights. All of them help people contending with humanitarian crises.

New film dramatizes Irish woman’s work with Vietnamese orphans

"Noble," which will debut on 150 screens nationwide May 8, tells the story of an Irish woman with an indomitable spirit. It took another Irish woman with the same kind of spirit to make the movie.

‘A Christmas Candle’: A meditation on faith and works

Sure, department stores are putting up decorations and the radio might be playing the right music, but the best way to get into the...

‘The Muppets,’ ‘The Help,’ ‘The Way’ among Christopher Award winners

NEW YORK (CNS) -- The feature films "The Muppets," "The Help," "The Way" and "War Horse" were among the winners of this year's Christopher...

‘The Good Dinosaur’

There's a delight in watching "The Good Dinosaur" seamlessly transition from family tale to buddy movie to rip-roaring Western, and then back again, all genre variations that share spectacular backgrounds rendered in photo-realistic fashion.

New documentary looks at immigrants’ integration into U.S. heartland

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Filmmakers Michael McGlinn and John Altman set out to, in McGlinn’s words, “elevate the conversation” about immigration with their new documentary, “Immigrants in the Heartland: Who Are We Following?”

FILMS: ‘2016: Obama’s America’

NEW YORK (CNS) -- "What does Barack Obama believe?" asks right-leaning scholar Dinesh D'Souza, narrator of the engaging political documentary "2016: Obama's America" (Rocky...

FILMS: The Lego Movie

With their lively 3-D animated adventure "The Lego Movie" (Warner Bros.), they not only deliver a diverting eye-catcher for both young and old, they also manage to incorporate a surprisingly pointed satire of conformist consumerism into the proceedings.

Film recalls Pope John Paul II’s 1979 visit to Ireland, plea for peace

WASHINGTON (CNS) — A new documentary, “John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for Peace,” makes the case that the pope’s trip to Ireland in 1979 played a key role in ending the Troubles and bringing about peace in Northern Ireland.