Bioethics Defense Fund exposes abortion fund in health care reform act

Portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act violate religious freedom and rights of conscience, according Nikolas Nikas of the Bioethics Defense Fund. While...

Schools display case: April accomplishments

Here is a quick look at some of the feats the diocese’s 12,000 Catholic school students accomplished so far in April: Academics National Merit Scholar...

‘Dirt Bag Drop’: ASU Newman Center building from the ground up

TEMPE — Dozens of Catholics dumped dirt into their church Sunday and no one batted an eye. It was all part of the “Dirt Bag...

‘Tis the season for giving

Charitable, education tax credits due Dec. 31 As the holiday shopping season draws to a close, shoppers might want to keep a couple more things...

TV spots for Catholic Church go national: ‘Catholics Come Home’ encourages return to the...

The first-ever national awareness campaign inviting Catholics to return to the faith launches Dec. 16 in 10,000 cities across the United States. The prime-time, network television campaign hopes to inspire 1 million Catholics to rejoin their parishes.

‘Forever family’: Foster teens struggle for stability

His fist came crashing through the door. Ten-year-old Joaquin had just spent forever brushing the dog at the behest of his mother's boyfriend who...

Questions and Answers: On being dismissed from the clerical state

Does dismissal from the clerical state have the same meaning as “laicization”?

Vatican dismisses Fushek from clerical state following investigation

A former East Valley pastor has been officially dismissed from the priesthood, officials for the Diocese of Phoenix announced Feb. 16.

Media effort draws faithful back to Church: Catholics Come Home goes nationwide

An estimated 92,000 inactive Catholics have come back to the Church in the last year thanks in large part to the groundbreaking Catholics Come Home television advertising campaign.

Catholics coming home: Major media campaign yields success

Television is often seen as having a negative influence on viewers, but it recently had a positive impact on the lives of local Catholics.