To overcome U.S. division, violence, pope tells young to ‘be authentic’

Increasing division and violence in the United States must be combatted by living authentically and respecting others, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis says situation at U.S.-Mexico border is ‘serious problem’

Pope Francis called the migration crisis between Mexico and the United States a "serious problem" and praised a U.S. bishop working along the border during an interview with Telemundo journalist Julio Vaqueiro.

Pope on Pentecost: Synod is journey in the Spirit, not ‘a parliament’

The Catholic Church's current Synod of Bishops should not be a "parliament for demanding rights," but a "journey in accordance with the Spirit," Pope Francis said.

Promote Christian values, not divisions, on social media, Vatican says

Catholics should make an "examination of conscience" about how they use social media, how they allow it to influence them and about the opportunities it provides them to share the Gospel, build community and care for others, said the Vatican Dicastery for Communication.

Pope asks poets, filmmakers to challenge people, help them see beauty

Catholic artists, poets, writers and filmmakers serve the church not by trying to "domesticate" Christ but by helping people challenge and expand their knowledge of the Lord, Pope Francis said.

Those with political power must be ‘servants’ to citizens, pope says

The greatest way of life is serving others, and those in political power must see themselves as servants, too, Pope Francis said.

Vatican launches compact for families with pope’s support

Asserting that "it is in the family that many of God's dreams for the human community are realized," Pope Francis asked Catholic universities and Catholic couples around the world to support the "Family Global Compact."

St. Peter’s Basilica opens exhibit on Marian coronations

Of the more than 1,300 Marian images crowned around the world, one of the first to receive this honor does not have a crown today.

World needs communities that welcome, give voice to vulnerable, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis named Tracey Rowland, an Australian theologian; Justin Farrell, a U.S. sociologist; and Tongdong Bai, a Chinese philosopher, to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Pope has named two-thirds of cardinals eligible to elect his successor

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, the retired archbishop of Naples, celebrated his 80th birthday June 2 and, consequently, became ineligible to enter a conclave to elect a new pope.