Don’t be bad Christians, people may think atheism is better, pope says

The way Christians behave can either help and inspire others, or turn them away from ever following Jesus, Pope Francis said.

Diocese welcomes five newly ordained deacons

Everything became official two or three months prior, but nine days before ordination, pending holy orders still seemed surreal.

A ‘sacramentally fortified’ fatherhood: Diocese gains three new priests

The trio — Fr. Frankie Cicero, Fr. John Nahrgang and Fr. Vinhson Ngueyn — can now take the place of Christ the high priest forever more as they serve the growing and diverse vineyard that is the Diocese of Phoenix.

Fellowship’s campus missionaries help college students find ‘meaning’

A diverse group of young college women lounged on couches at the entrance of the George Mason University Student Union on a recent afternoon. Ninoska Moratin, a campus missionary with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, better known as FOCUS, entreated the students to review their week as she began the Bible study.

Stay or go? Syrian refugees in Jordan face winter with lack of hope

a number of Syrian refugees enter their fourth winter of displacement, following ongoing violent fighting in their nation, and now get just 50 cents a day per person for food and living expenses.

World needs humble leaders unafraid to meet their enemies, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The world needs leaders who are humble and willing to talk with their enemies with the aim of leading their countries toward peace, Pope Francis said.

Cardinal Dolan in op-ed criticizes Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric

In an op-ed piece published July 29 in the New York Daily News, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York took issue with the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump without explicitly naming him.

Pope asks youths to help rejuvenate Church; youths ask Church to listen

ROME (CNS) — The Catholic Church needs the enthusiasm, daring and hope of young people so that it can preach the Gospel energetically and respond to the questions men and women raise today, Pope Francis told some 300 young adults.

Bishops disappointed with Congress’ inaction on Conscience Protection Act

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The chairmen of the U.S. bishops’ pro-life and religious freedom committees said it was “deeply disappointing” that Congress omitted the Conscience Protection Act from the congressional funding bill for fiscal year 2018.

Twins, cousin turn tassel to end 40-year legacy at Bourgade Catholic

The 2017-18 school year will be the first since 1994 that a family member will not be enrolled at Bourgade Catholic.