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Partnering for a stronger community at Holy Cross

When you think of great partnerships throughout history, there’s a good chance they have these qualities in common: effective communication, complementary skills and, perhaps most significantly, trust.

A Time to Remember

When you’ve lost a loved one, memories can cause joy and pain in equal measure. During the holiday season, this can be especially true as we think back upon happy celebrations together while feeling the void the absence of someone dear leaves at this special time of year.

Día de los Muertos Altars and the Eucharist

by Fr. Ernesto Reynoso, JCL Parochial Administrator Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Glendale   There is a growing interest around the world about the celebration of el...

Lent: Looking Beyond Ourselves, a Time of Reflection

Today’s popular culture often teaches us that we should put ourselves first. As Catholics, Lent is a gift that offers us a time to put our wants and needs aside and focus on drawing closer to the Lord. During these 40 days of introspection, contrition and sacrifice, we can grow stronger in our faith. By imitating Christ’s life, we grow in virtue.

A Call to Serve Others

Serving others has always been the focus of my life. Whether it’s taking care of my family, waiting tables as a single mother or volunteering in jail outreach programs, it’s where I have felt right at home.

Día de Los Muertos – A Time to Celebrate Life

When you take a closer look at Día de Los Muertos, though, you’ll find that this holiday that seems centered around death is actually a celebration of life.

Growing to better serve our Catholic families

When we lose a loved one, it never crosses our minds that the cemetery would not be able to accommodate our needs. We assume that burial space will be available whenever we require it. However, in some of the older corners of our country and around the world, some historic cemeteries have reached capacity.

Inspired by Grief to Help Others

When I joined Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Homes in 2006, I was instantly moved by my work. On any given day, I not only help families preplan their funeral arrangements services, but I also help them in times of sudden loss, something I went through myself only a few months ago when my husband passed away.

The Powerful Blessing of the Catholic Funeral Rite

“As Catholics, we are blessed with a powerful way to grieve the loss of a loved one during this painful time of loss and contemplation: The Catholic Funeral Rite.”