A Better View: We can find healing through the virtues of faith, hope and...

Longtime readers know of my mother’s stroke. Since 2009 she has shown great strength and fortitude in not just surviving but striving to live a meaningful and happy life.

Pope Francis and the courage to care about human suffering

There was a lot of talk last month about Pope Francis’ foray into politics again when he said without naming names that anyone who would want to build walls to shut people out instead of welcoming them was not being Christian.

What’s missing from our political discourse is love

We don’t think of politics being a field where love rears its lovely head nowadays, but what if we elect a leader based on the tenets of love as espoused in the Bible? Wasn’t Christ such a leader?

This Christmas, remember God loves you in your imperfections

It’s that time of the year when everything from serious sermons to sappy jewelry commercials and everything in between turn their attentions to taking care of others. And that’s a good thing, although we should probably be thinking about that all year.

The Pope and the Prodigal Son

After what anybody would have to conclude was a triumphant tour of the Unites States, Pope Francis is enjoying a renaissance of sorts with almost all Americans regardless of their religious positions and perspectives. And the reason for that lies in what most say is his obvious sincerity, integrity and commitment to spreading the love of Christ.

Immigrants deserve chance to succeed in ‘land of opportunity’

Immigration not only improves this country, it is the substance of this country. Every single period of increased immigration in this country’s history has led to increased prosperity and greatness.

Forgiveness conquers hate — a truth Christians should witness

The last few years have been marked by more than a few unexpected tragic incidents involving gunmen lashing out at innocent people. There are things we can do as a society to try to prevent these events in the future or to mitigate the effects of these events. And those can and will be discussed by our talking heads and our policy makers.

Catholics must lead the way in providing for a culture of love, respect

A few months ago I wrote a column about how Catholics had a duty to defend our Muslim brothers and sisters, those that mean us no harm, as they brave the slings and arrows of those that wish to take out their anger for terrorists on them. I had no idea the fight would come so close to home so soon.

Miracles, modern life and Catholicism in a tough, cynical world

What on earth do all miracles, modern life and being Catholic have to do with each other?

Catholics and Muslims must unite to battle extremism, hatred

Is it our Catholic duty to defend Muslims? The Catholic Church believes it is.