The blessing of a chaste life: The call to holiness of homosexual persons

When the Church at Vatican II lifted high the universal call to holiness, it rightly received an enthusiastic response. For it is indeed good news for people of every time and place. How good to know that it is possible for us all to have a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and even to become like Him.

Apostles of Mercy — A Pastoral Letter to the Priests of the Diocese of...

Apostles of Mercy — A Pastoral Letter to the Priests of the Diocese of Phoenix from the Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted On the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.

CRISTIADA: Blessed Miguel Pro: Joyful priest and grateful martyr (Part II)

Editor's note: This is the second part in a series of columns by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted that celebrated of the holy Year for Priests....

The road to infanticide

A baby unable to consume food or water was born on April 15, 1982. The parents refused a procedure to correct the defect —...

‘The Giver’ offers thought-provoking message sure to spark discussion

It’s not very often that a movie has you pondering its message long after the credits roll. “The Giver” (The Weinstein Company), which opened in theaters Aug. 15, is just such a movie.

Following Jesus in a skeptical age

Adult converts to the faith like my own father can often tell you an exact time when they heard God’s call to follow Him, and how it brought such wondrous changes for good.

The blessing of a fruitful life; Part two: Openness to life and personal identity

A particularly dramatic moment of human freedom occurs in a Catholic wedding when a man and woman stand before the altar and answer three...

Are homosexual families dysfunctional?

We used to talk more about dysfunctional families – those in which love was lacking due to a variety of circumstances. Dysfunction means not operating normally or properly. Most families actually were dysfunctional to a degree, yet fixable.

Dwindling crime rate, the economy, and our country’s morality

Every year I try to write at least one article about how things are getting better. And for the last three years one of...

The blessing of a fruitful life; Part four: Dealing with infertility

The 25th of this month of July will mark the 44th anniversary of one of the most prophetic documents in the history of the...