Repentance in the early Church

The call to a change of heart and a change of life was a hallmark of the ministry of Jesus, of His forerunner, John the Baptist, and of His apostles.

Word to Life: Oct. 23, 2016, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

When I pointed out in a homily that not all saints are officially canonized, a woman said to me after Mass, “That may be true, but the great saints get to wear a crown in heaven, like St. Paul in today’s epistle!” It got me to thinking: Are there trophies for us in heaven, blue ribbons as eternal accessories?

Follow Pope Francis to a better world

From the start of his papacy in his first papal address when he called for compassion for the poor and then proceeded to bless all who listened, non Catholics and non-believers as well, Pope Francis extolled the ministry of service to and love for others.

Parents’ love is precious, even when they are a little goofy

Isn’t it great growing up with a perfect mom and dad who are there for you exactly when you need them, who never cramp...

CRISTIADA: Blessed Miguel Pro: Jesuit Priest and Martyr (Part I)

Editor's note: This is the first part in a series of columns by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted that celebrated of the holy Year for Priests....

La armadura de los Sacramentos

A lo largo de la historia de la humanidad, las guerras y sus resultados han dado forma a la identidad de muchas naciones. Pero existe otra guerra, aunque generalmente no se la observe por ojos humanos, que “no es contra enemigos de carne y sangre, sino contra los Principados y Potestades, contra los Soberanos de este mundo de tinieblas, contra los espíritus del mal que habitan en el espacio” (Ef 6:12).

Making the most of Lent by doing away with indifference

Most of us will probably never have to risk our lives in order to help someone. The question is, what are we doing with this precious life that we’ve been given? Are we squandering it on trivialities? And what will the Father find when He looks into our heart and searches for compassion?

Your Parish is Losing a Favorite Priest? Still Another Good Reason to be Catholic

Another season of assigning priests to new ministries is afoot in our diocese. Those newly ordained receive their first long-term assignment in priestly ministry, and our older priests enter into a euphemistic retirement, continuing some kind of ministry free of the administrative burdens which can accompany it.

The gift you forgot you had

My teen niece called me last week to tell me her dad — my brother — was getting on her nerves. What teenager hasn’t said that, right?

Living Jesus’ call to bear with one another while forgiving, blessing

A few weeks ago, on a blazing-hot afternoon, I ventured to a local arts and crafts store. It was a Saturday and the store was crowded with shoppers.