Bishop Olmsted’s Christmas Radio Message [AUDIO]

Listen to Bishop Olmsted's annual Christmas message to the people of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. People in the Phoenix area will hear...

Welcoming spirit invites others to know and follow Jesus

I’ve been blessed to write for The Catholic Sun since 2002, and last year, I was asked to write for a small community newspaper. Many of my articles have had a Christian focus to them and recently, I approached the owner of the publication about establishing a special section in the paper devoted to local churches (something newspapers used to do once upon a time.)

Celebrating the significant contributions made by Catholic schools

Over 200 years of opening doors to families of all faiths and beliefs from all segments of society with stellar graduation rates and alumni more likely to vote, be more civically engaged, be more tolerant of diverse views, less likely to be incarcerated and are committed to service as adults.

Calling all men — We need you to be the strong leaders God created...

I was still coming down off the high of the papal visit and engrossed in Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted’s exhortation to men when the news broke of yet another school shooting. This time, it was at a community college in a small town in Oregon where Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, killed nine people and wounded nine others.

Surrounded by Angels, including fallen ones

We walk surrounded by angels. We are not alone, as we journey through life; these spirits, created by God, surround us at all times, even though we cannot see them because they are pure spirits without a body.

Discipleship: A Journey, not a Destination

Mark the Evangelist recounts a telling story about a blind man named Bartimaeus cured by Jesus because of his professed faith. After Bartimaeus was healed of his blindness, he followed Him “along the way” (Mk 10:52); that is, he became His disciple.

We must take a stand for Christ in our culture

If there’s one thing this rancorous political season has revealed, it’s that America is in a battle for its soul. Who are we and what do we stand for?

El Santo que inspira al Papa Francisco: San Ignacio de Loyola

Es por providencia de Dios, que ahora tenemos, por primera vez en la historia, un Papa Jesuita. No ha de sorprender, entonces, que el Papa Francisco se sienta cerca a San Ignacio y que haya sido grandemente impactado por su vida y su enseñanza.

Media elite promote trash while trashing the good stuff

Call me an optimist, but I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, the new film “For Greater Glory” might help thaw the hearts of...

A short history of liturgical music

In the first part of this series on sacred music, I described the meaning of sacred music, the music of the Church’s sacred liturgy, as distinct from “religious music.”