Can organ-harvesters be Number One?

Despite some hiccups caused by the sorry state of the world economy, China is still The Future for many global analysts. Thomas Friedman of...

Pro-life legislation stalled by Ninth Circuit Court extremism

Back in 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court concocted the right to abortion, people screamed bloody murder — and they meant that literally. Pro-lifers have spent more than four decades praying, working and campaigning to protect the lives of the most vulnerable among us: the unborn child.

Human Freedom; Part one: Free with the help of God

“Give me liberty or give me death,” Patrick Henry’s famous cry, at our nation’s birth, continues to stir hearts today; the struggle for freedom is no less urgent now, as evidenced in rallies and fortnights throughout our country protesting against the HHS mandates and other threats to religious liberty.

Opposed to the death penalty

The loss of a loved one to murder is unfathomable. When life is unjustly ripped away, it tears at the fabric of communities, instills fear and anger, and irrevocably alters the foundation of the family left behind in mourning.

The reasons for ‘partisanship’

Complaints that Washington-is-broken, which seem to have new intensity in recent years, often go hand-in-hand with laments about “partisanship” in politics. And, to be sure, there are reasons to be concerned about the functionality of our political system and its ability to address and solve some very serious problems. The present, sad condition of much of Europe, where a breakdown of (Christian) democratic culture seems to be leading inexorably to a breakdown of democratic politics and the substitution of government by technocratic elites (currently being previewed in Italy), is a cautionary tale for Americans.

The Church and the end of the welfare state

Throughout the post-Vatican II years, the U.S. bishops’ conference has typically defended the welfare state and not infrequently urged its expansion. Everyone familiar with...

Who is your face of Catholicism?

I do not have many memories of life before Catholic elementary school. But I do remember crying my eyes out the first time my...

The cause of the war on women

My last column allowed there was a war on women, but not being waged by the Catholic Church as alleged. No, the war was...

The war on (little) women and other insanities

The Supreme Court’s minor mistakes have few systemic consequences. But when the Supremes make a big mistake, the error tends to seep throughout the...

Lisa McDaniel: How NaPro brings hope, healing to couples struggling with infertility

Lisa McDaniel, a physician assistant in family practice who specializes in NaPro Technology, authored this guest article that appeared in the July 19, 2012,...