The gift of mercy, born in a stable, has come to heal us

When we think of God in all His majesty and glory and purity, we are awestruck by the realization that He sent His only Son to be born in the humble stable in Bethlehem, to live among us as a Man, and to die on the cross for our wretched sins.

Human Freedom; Final part of four: Maturity in charity

In this fourth part of our series, we shall now consider the third stage of education for freedom, which is known as maturity in charity.

The New Evangelization: We are called and gifted for a mission

Behind some doors were tragedies; behind others were love stories or even comedies. By far the most compelling aspect was that that each story always centers on a person.

Catholics and Muslims must unite to battle extremism, hatred

Is it our Catholic duty to defend Muslims? The Catholic Church believes it is.

Fathers forever: Our priests lead the way, lay down their lives

May each of us call them “Father” and lovingly support them until they are called home to the Eternal Father.

Five simple ways to find joy and peace in 2015 and beyond

So here we are, just two weeks inside of 2015 and already many of us have broken our New Year’s resolutions. Please don’t lose heart!

Raise your hands in support of vocations

I wanted this month’s edition of the Sun to focus on vocations, because every one of you, I’m sure has a similar story you can share about someone who is living this vocation.

Apostles of Mercy — A Pastoral Letter to the Priests of the Diocese of...

Apostles of Mercy — A Pastoral Letter to the Priests of the Diocese of Phoenix from the Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted On the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.