A short history of liturgical music

In the first part of this series on sacred music, I described the meaning of sacred music, the music of the Church’s sacred liturgy, as distinct from “religious music.”

Too busy to pray? Finding time for God brings peace

You may have heard the clever observation that people nowadays have become human “doings” rather than human beings. Multi-tasking, packed calendars and smart phones...

Defining ‘Catholic’ — what’s it to you?

Chris Benguhe wants to know if what he writes about is “Catholic” enough. Make your voice heard in the comment box!

Recognizing the feast of ashes, boredom and dull moments

Many people have morning rituals. Mine include stretching, prayer, a good cup of tea and catching up with on-line news I missed during the night.

Thoughts for Catholics impacted by the Boy Scouts of America membership policies

Two groups of Catholics are directly impacted by the decision of the Boy Scouts of America to not prohibit youth members who profess a same-sex orientation, namely, Catholic sponsoring organizations and Catholic scouts and their families. Please remember, as you read this, I write this with the approval of my bishop, and as Diocese of Phoenix Boy Scout Chaplain.

‘Do whatever He tells you’

“Do whatever He tells you” (Jn 2:5). These words of the Mother of God at the Wedding Feast of Cana are like a bright beacon pointing the way to our happiness and the way to the Heart of Christ.

La música litúrgica como participación en Cristo

San Agustín recuenta en su autobiografía “Las Confesiones” una experiencia que vivió durante el canto de la Misa: “¡Como lloré, profundamente conmovido por sus himnos y cánticos y las voces que resonaron por su Iglesia! ¡Que emoción sentí en ellos! Esos sonidos entraron en mis oídos, destilando la verdad en mi corazón”.

Progress Made in Priestly Formation

In this series, I have been addressing certain aspects of the scandals that the Church has suffered over the past 70 years.

Speak to Me Lord, Dec. 30, 2018: Look to the family

No family is perfect. But every family, however weak or broken, has dignity.

Peace amid conflict

At one time or another, we’ve all secretly yearned for the Madison Avenue version of Christmas.