Failure in civil discourse leads to breathlessness of spirit

America’s got a weight problem. It’s only getting worse. Today more than a third of U.S. adults are considered obese, according to studies from the...

Veterans create beauty for others in spite of pain, loss

Recently I was invited to attend the Phoenix VA Health Care System Arts Festival to honor and display the artwork of veterans. Since so many...

Too busy to pray? Finding time for God brings peace

You may have heard the clever observation that people nowadays have become human “doings” rather than human beings. Multi-tasking, packed calendars and smart phones...

Not my will, but yours be done: Marriage, faith and NFP

We weren’t always on board with Natural Family Planning — it seemed a little pie-in-the-sky at first. As we went through marriage preparation some 10 years ago, we questioned whether this was a reliable method for spacing pregnancies. Sure it’s Church teaching, but is it realistic? We needed proof that the science was sound and that the moral arguments made sense.

The blessing of a fruitful life; Part two: Openness to life and personal identity

A particularly dramatic moment of human freedom occurs in a Catholic wedding when a man and woman stand before the altar and answer three...

Pugin at 200

The prospect of “redecorating,” or any other form of “home improvement,” generally gets me thinking, quickly, about a lengthy research trip abroad. Yet I...

The blessing of a fruitful life; Part one: Blessed is the fruit of the womb

The fruit of the womb is holy. Every child is a blessing. A child is never an evil, even if the circumstances that led to the beginning of a new human person were not morally upright.

Practical Points for Singing the Mass

In the first three parts of this series we have explored the meaning of sacred music, the Church’s role in preserving and fostering it, and its role in evangelizing culture.

Puntos prácticos para cantar la Misa

En las tres primeras partes de esta serie hemos explorado el significado de la música sagrada, el papel de la Iglesia en preservar y fomentarla, y su papel en evangelizar la cultura.

El papel de la Música Sagrada en la Evangelización

En la primera parte de esta serie sobre la música sagrada, describí el significado de la música sagrada, y la diferencia entre la música de la liturgia sagrada de la Iglesia y la “música religiosa”.