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Name: Donna Killoughey-Bird


  • St. Timothy in Mesa
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Scottsdale

Role with the Campaign: Campaign cabinet member; Board of Trustees member, Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio

How did supporting vocations become such a passion?

Ten years ago, … I felt a really strong call to serve what I call the greater Church. I had been involved at the parish and diocesan level since attending DePaul University where I was formed into a servant. I approached Bishop [Thomas J.] Olmsted about the call and said, “If anything comes up where I can be of service, call me.” [He later replied], “What would you think of the Josephinum?”
It really is feeling a call, expressing that call to your bishop, to your pastor, whoever. It’s important for laity to do that. I travel to the Josephinum three times a year for meetings. I undertake it very seriously with diligence and passion. I made it a pleasant part of my service to get to know the men in the program.

What does this campaign mean for current and future seminarians in the diocese?

We all have a mission. We’re all on this journey to go forth. Jesus said to go forth and preach the Gospel to all the nations and at the same time, to bring others with us. These [seminarians] are the most prominent of the people in the Church who are actively responding.
I feel called to embrace, to cheer them, to support them, to love them because they’re stepping out ahead of us. … href=”https://www.togethergoforth.org/en/seminarians/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>For people who opt into the campaign, they’re supporting in a familial way what the seminarians are investing.

How does this campaign speak to evangelization and discipleship?

By your joy and by your movement and by your going forth, you’re going to be bringing in other people. The evangelization follows from the commitment to be a disciple. The seminarians are modeling that. … We’re engaging people in the process of their own formation to be more in love with Christ.


Seminarian headcount hits historic high