Advocacy Club students at Brophy College Preparatory will host a Dream to Educate event to focus on the current lack of access to higher education for Arizona residents who are undocumented, especially in light of Catholic social teaching. A Brophy alum alongside a neighboring Xavier College Preparatory student will share personal experience with at the Nov. 28 event.

The Nov. 28 dialogue is a continuation continuation of the #DREAMon campaign, started on Brophy’s campus last year. With the controversy of the caravan and immigration policy after the midterms, Advocacy Club students say it is a perfect time to shine a greater light on this social injustice. In conjunction with other nonprofit organizations such as Aliento AZ, they hope to educate and advocate in Arizona for a state legislative solution to the issue of access to in-state tuition for undocumented students.

The #DREAMon campaign launched last year in response to the Arizona Supreme Court decision to remove access to in-state tuition for students who are undocumented. Students believe the open-minded Arizona community will recognize the need for fairness and equity for the state’s large undocumented population. They plan to successfully advocate for fair and effective legislation that reflects Catholic values and provide solutions for the educational issues faced by DACA students.


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