Vince Johnson
Family Services Supervisor
Calvary Catholic Cemetery

My faith has always been an important part of my life, and the work I have done over the decades has been inspired by a desire to serve others in the Lord.

I recently joined Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Homes after spending 20 years in law enforcement and later working in the insurance industry. In both roles, I was in a position to support people as they faced painful or difficult challenges in their lives.

Before that, I was a seminarian and a director of religious education, work that was deeply rooted in my faith and that connected me to a greater purpose. I find great fulfillment volunteering in my church, too, and I lead worship music at a weekly Mass at San Francisco de Asís. I also serve in a leadership role with the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Phoenix.

When my wife and I came to Calvary Catholic Cemetery to preplan our own final arrangements, I was struck by the vital ministry that happens here every day. It is God’s work to show families care and compassion when they lose a loved one and to guide them in making funeral arrangements in alignment with Catholic doctrine. When the opportunity opened up, I jumped at the chance to combine my faith and my love of helping others to support families in Northern Arizona.

When people walk through our doors, they typically come to preplan their own arrangements or to make plans in the aftermath of a sudden loss. When they come to us in crisis, I am here to walk them through their final journey with their loved ones so they can lay them to rest in the light of our faith.

I believe there is a resurrection and that we are here on Earth temporarily on our way to a greater place in Heaven with our Father. This is a great consolation to me when I face challenges in my own life, and it allows me to provide hope to those who are struggling in times of loss. I feel grateful that I can share this comfort with others in their hour of need in my new role at Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Homes.

Many blessings to you and your family.