Click on a school name weekly through Sept. 8. For every 25 clicks, the school gets a $25 gift card. Lots of local Catholic schools are in need.

Attention Facebook users: If you don't already have a loyalty to a particular (Catholic) school, consider selecting a local Catholic school to support via a single click on Facebook. You can vote once a week through Sept. 8. For every 25 clicks a school receives, Target will send the campus a $25 gift card for its store.

St. Louis the King School in Glendale already earned one, according to a recent post. St. Matthew School in Phoenix is one click away from earning its first. Both are campuses in dire need of financial support to provide the basics for its students.

Vote early. The giveaways will end Sept. 8 or when Target gives away $2.5 million, whichever comes first. Schools can earn a maximum of $10,000 in gift cards. The effort is part of Target's goal to give $1 billion for education by 2015.

As of this writing, no Arizona school made the “most active schools” list. And of Catholic schools, only St. Charles School in Staten Island (earned ($1,400 so far) and St. Hubert's Catholic Girls High School in Philadelphia (earned $1,100 so far) made the “most active schools” list.

There are at least 50 Catholic preschool, elementary and high schools in Arizona on the list to choose from right now. Other schools may register themselves soon. Search by (partial) name, city, state or zip code.