1     Give a compliment to a stranger.

2     Send a loving letter to a family member.

3     Help cook something lovely for a friend.

4    Donate to a cause you’re passionate about.

5     Volunteer some time to help someone today.

6    Take the time to listen to someone you know.

7     Buy someone coffee in the morning.

8    Take the time to donate gently used clothes.

9    Leave a great tip the next time you eat out.

10  Give someone a call to someone you’ve missed.

11   Bring some canned food to your local food pantry.

12   Surprise a co-worker or friend with candy.

13   Hold the door for someone else.

14  Tell a grocery worker they’re doing a great job.

15   Ask someone how their day is and really listen.

16  Thank a teacher for making a difference.

17   Surprise someone with lunch.

18  Send a postcard to a friend.

19  Offer to help someone you see today.

20  Write a thank you note to your mail carrier.

21   Bring treats to your local fire station.

22  Throw out the next piece of litter you see.

23  Give a nice review to a local business.

24  Tell someone how much you love them.