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The Fourth of July is a day of celebration, but it is also an ideal time to reflect on our freedoms and the sacrifices our service men and women have made to sustain them — men like Master Sgt. Pablo H. Villesca who witnessed Afghanistan's first free, direct elections.

Ahead of his apostolic visit to the United States in September, some are bracing themselves for more criticisms from the pope, this time directed specifically at the U.S. culture and economy.

Catholics and Buddhists from five U.S. cities have issued a joint statement — a new, practical approach to interreligious dialogue — expressing their commitment to work together to help lift their communities out of poverty and remedy other social ills in their neighborhoods.

WASHINGTON (CNS) — In another in a series of bitterly divided end-of-term cases, the Supreme Court June 29 upheld the execution protocol used by...

Pope Francis visited retired Pope Benedict XVI at his Vatican residence June 30 to wish him a happy summer.

In a landmark ruling, a divided Supreme Court June 26 said same-sex marriage is constitutional nationwide.


A Vatican news conference unveiled details about the upcoming World Meeting of Families June 25.

Pope Francis isn't going to be visiting the United States until September, but that hasn't kept the pope from going all around the nation, if only as a simple piece of paper for the time being.


Pope Francis spoke about the need to protect children within the family during his weekly general audience June 24.

The volunteerism of the Knights of Columbus and the fraternal organization's fundraising for charitable works fit right in with Pope Francis' emphasis on the idea of "a church of and for the poor," according to Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.


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