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The Nigerian cardinal expressed hope that the 500 days would be a symbolic catalyst to move the Nigerian community into recognizing the serious problem on its hands and finding a solution.

More than a year after a controversial reproductive health law took effect in the Philippines, the church was mustering clergy and lay church workers to reignite the formation of the faithful with regard to family planning.


Seminarians and a Vatican official at the Pontifical North American College describe the importance of brotherhood in preparing for the priesthood.

In a family's "complicated and packed schedule," Pope Francis sad, "a heart filled with affection for God can turn even a thought without words into a prayer."

Two dozen students across four Catholic elementary schools received a summer phone call from their principal with shocking news for them and their parents.

Authorities had repeatedly blocked a father from the prison following his daughter's 2012 conviction for blasphemy.

WASHINGTON (CNS) — A federal judge Aug. 21 gave the Obama administration 60 days — until Oct. 23 — to release the hundreds of immigrant mothers and children being held in locked detention centers. Central California District Court Judge Dolly Gee reiterated her order of a month earlier, in which she said a long-standing court settlement over treatment of juveniles in immigration custody is violated by the government’s policy of detaining mothers and children while they pursue asylum or other ways of remaining in the country.

Pope Francis asked thousands of people gathered in St. Peter's Square to be quiet for a moment and ponder the question, "Who is Jesus to you?"


When Pope Francis visits Washington in September, he'll likely spend time with this group of homeless people, who see him as a champion for their circumstances.

The church must do something to present more clearly its teaching on marriage; it must do more to help young couples prepare for marriage; it must be more effective in helping couples in trouble; and it must reach out to those who divorced and remarried without an annulment, theologians and canon lawyers say.


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