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Marking the day's memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels, the pope's homily focused on these angels, saying they were "like an ambassador of God."

There continues to be debates about the conditions and limits to be set for the reception of migrants, not only on the level of national policies, but also in some parish communities, whose traditional tranquility seems to be threatened, Pope Francis said.

NASA scientists confirmed that liquid water flows, at least during the summer months, on the surface of Mars.

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Marita Thomas was among those in the crowd at the Festival of Families Sept. 26 who were moved to tears as they listened to families selected to come onstage to tell Pope Francis how they coped with hardship by clinging to God.

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Christian families in the Holy Land bear their daily suffering with hope, knowing that the cross is the cost of following Christ, said Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem.

The Sistine Chapel Choir, made up of 20 men and 30 boys, released a 16-track album featuring Gregorian chant, Renaissance pieces and a world premiere recording found archived since 1661 in the Vatican Library.

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — As the American Airlines plane taking him to Rome from Philadelphia took off, Pope Francis said he pictured the faces of all the people he met, and he prayed for them.

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Pope Francis ended his trip to the United States with a call for Catholics to keep the enthusiasm of the visit, while continuing to welcome newcomers and care for creation.

He asked that they not be afraid to experience God's "boundless mercy, so that in turn you may become apostles of mercy by your actions, words and prayers in our world, wounded by selfishness, hatred and so much despair."

There are 47 Christian schools in Israel with a total of 33,000 students who are returning to class now that an agreement on equality in budgeting has been reached.


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