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Priests in El Salvador and pilgrims reflect on Archbishop Oscar Romero who will be beatified May 23.

The use of modern media to move and consume news of the beatification of Oscar Romero might be a fitting tribute to the Salvadoran archbishop whose few possessions included an audio diary to ensure the Gospel reached the masses.

"whoever serves the community with courage and self-sacrifice encounters, along with the difficulties and the risks connected to one's role, a high level of self-fulfillment because he or she walks on the same road as our Lord," Pope Francis told Italian state police and family of the fallen.

Members of the Missionaries of Charity had to spend more than two hours waiting at police headquarters for clearance before they could deliver food, blankets and other promised relief to earthquake victims in a remote mountainous area of Nepal.

"It's time for fathers and mothers to come out of their exile — because they have exiled themselves from their children's education — and to fully assume again their educational role," Pope Francis said.

Most of the refugees and migrants attempting to reach Rhodes and the neighboring smaller island of Kos are escaping war and economic hardship, mainly from Pakistan and Syria — especially since the civil war began in 2011 — but they also come from African countries.


A community of U.S. monks celebrate their first year of operating America's first Trappist brewery.

Declaring four 19th-century women religious saints, Pope Francis said they are models for all Christians of how faith, nourished in prayer, is expressed concretely in acts of charity and the promotion of unity.


Pope Francis declared four 19th-century women saints May 17, including two Palestinians, a French nun and an Italian nun.

They offered comfort, refreshment and even rides to stranded passengers.


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