Catholics ‘unfriend’ social media, choose ‘digital detox’ for Lent

Lenten sacrifices aim to bring you closer to God, "something that helps lessen all the distraction and noise. And certainly social media is a lot of distractions and noise," a Maryland priest said.

Videos are new component to bishops’ ‘Faithful Citizenship’ guide

In four distinct languages, the videos explore Catholic social teaching and examine participation in public life to make the bishops' teaching more accessible.

To prevent spread of COVID-19, Hong Kong Diocese cancels Masses

Churches will be eerily empty the next two weekends and even more noticeably so on Ash Wednesday.

Couple strengthens faith on Camino de Santiago; trek leads up to wedding

Their wedding preparations were a bit unusual: traveling 74 miles on foot to its destination.

Encountering Christ leads to renewal, reform, bishop says

The tomb of St. Peter is a place to renew love and gratitude to Christ for "breaking into our lives even maybe when we weren't hoping for or expecting it," Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted said.

In Amazon document, pope calls for action rooted in conversion of heart

An unusual suggestion in the document was that people turn to poetry and delve into Amazonian stories to discover how unique the region is and to feel more deeply its importance.

Men called to leadership within and outside home, say speakers at men’s conference

The crisis in the Church today is one of evangelization, or rather, one of a failure to evangelize, especially to and within the Catholic family, Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus’ international organization, said at the 2020 Catholic Men’s Conference.

Pope shares his ‘dreams’ for Amazon region, its Catholic community

True to what the universal Catholic Church is, "Querida Amazonia" (Beloved Amazonia), seeks a Church present and active with "Amazonian features," which means local cultures are preserved, nature is protected and more.

Women’s conference aims to foster friendships with saints, embrace femininity

Catholic Women of Phoenix and its upcoming conference’s keynote speaker have a mutual friend: their patron saint, St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross, also known as Edith Stein.