San Francisco prelate says no Communion for Pelosi over her abortion stand

San Francisco's archbishop declared May 20 that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is not "to be admitted" to Communion unless and until she publicly repudiates "support for abortion 'rights'" and goes to confession and receives absolution "for her cooperation in this evil."

For Baltimore sculptor, medium of clay becomes an instrument of healing

Wayman Scott IV couldn't sleep.  Even as a professional grief counselor at Gilchrist Hospice whose job is to help others grapple with loss, the 43-year-old husband and father was reeling from news of the murder of the daughter of one of his colleagues.

At Vatican trial, cardinal says pope ordered auditor’s ouster

Questioned for 15 hours over two days in a Vatican courtroom, 73-year-old Cardinal Angelo Becciu insisted the "good of the Holy See" was the only motivation for every transaction or financial decision he was involved in when he worked in the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Award-winning nurse says Catholic faith influenced her work in Kenya

At a school in the Turbi area in northern Kenya, children clear out by midday, and in come the parents, who are learning to read.

In Nigeria, nuns work to decrease deaths of mothers, children

A Catholic diocese and nuns are working to reduce the number of women who die in childbirth and the number of children who die young, and a hospital administrator said it does not take expensive technology.

Nicaraguan bishop, priest accuse police of harassment

A Nicaraguan bishop and priest have accuse police of harassing them -- the latest attempt by the government to impede the work of the Catholic Church.

Battle against human trafficking must target social media, pope says

The fight against human trafficking needs to include promoting the ethical and responsible use of technology and social media, Pope Francis said.

World must never lose hope that peace, fraternity can prevail, pope says

Every member of the international community must play a part in addressing the many problems affecting the world, Pope Francis told diplomats.

At massacre site, Salvadoran cardinal condemns vengeance, exalts peace

In a stretch of land known as Las Aradas, in a remote part of northern El Salvador bordering Honduras, Salvadoran Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chavez blessed the monument, sprinkling holy water on top of the bricks bearing the names of those in the mass grave underneath.

Canada’s assisted suicide law undercuts palliative care, experts say

Evidence is mounting that assisted suicide's introduction into the Canadian medical system is not only undermining governments' oft-stated plans to improve palliative care but is actively damaging the country's already inadequate palliative care system. Some patients are choosing to die rather than to continue to live without adequate palliative care.