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Word and Art with Bishop Dolan - Come away and rest a while

On this 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Bishop John Dolan reflects on a sculpture by Canadian Timothy P. Schmalz entitled “Homeless Jesus,” in this week’s episode of Word and Art, in which he connects a Sunday reading with a famous work of art. The sculpture is a representation that suggests Christ is with the most marginalized in our society. The Christ figure is shrouded in a blanket with his visible wounds. This life-size version of the work has enough room that someone is able to sit on the bench and rest with Jesus. In this summer season, many of us take time to rest. There are still others who are living on the streets, right here in Phoenix, who are struggling to find proper rest. Your offering of food, water, or shoes will allow our brothers and sisters on the streets to hear the words of Jesus in the Gospel today, “come away… and rest a while“ Bishop John brings an exciting and insightful perspective to the series as he earned a Master of Arts degree in Liturgy/Church Art and Architecture from St. Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park, Calif.

Bishop Dolan visits Foundation for Senior Living Programs

As Bishop John Dolan continues to visit parishes and schools across the Diocese of Phoenix during his first 18 months since being named bishop in Arizona, he is also meeting with several Catholic organizations and Apostolates in the diocese. Take a look at a recent visit Bishop John made with the folks at Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) and witness the tremendous impact they make for many across the Valley of the Sun and state. The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix established FSL in 1974 as a private, non-profit organization to improve the quality of life for adults and their caregivers, originally providing housing and social services to elders and individuals with disabilities without regard to race, religion or social status. Over the years, FSL has grown and created an integrated system of care that allows adults to age in place through a continuum of home and community-based health services. One of the largest non-profit organizations in the state of Arizona, FSL offers the customized care of an independent professional. To learn more, or to explore opportunities for volunteers to assist with those in need, check out

Bishop John Dolan rolled up his sleeves and volunteered at The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in downtown Phoenix recently, taking part in their bi-weekly pizza making event. He joined over 15 volunteers for three hours, who made over 150 pizzas that were served later that evening to 50 families in need. St. Vincent de Paul makes pizza twice a month on Friday afternoons, all fueled by volunteers who want to provide for others.