Once again, Catholic agencies step in to help minors at the border

As the U.S. took in almost 19,000 migrant children, labeled "unaccompanied minors," in March, faith-based organizations such as Catholic Charities throughout the U.S. have been doing their part to help.

New Catholics describe their road to the faith, how it ‘just felt right’

Everybody has a story. But not every group of people going through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults together has traveled such varied paths to the Catholic Church as those who prepared for the Easter Vigil this year at St. Mary and St. Michael parishes in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Loving the church, student with Down syndrome becomes Catholic at Easter

The chapel is the centerpiece of the new St. Paul VI Catholic High School campus 32 miles from the nation's capital.

The Lord is always waiting for you, pope writes to young people

Faith is a gift that is never imposed on anyone but must be accepted with an open heart, Pope Francis wrote to young people.

Equal access to health care is a matter of justice, cardinal says

Ensuring equal access to health care, especially for the less fortunate, can only be achieved through a "renewed moral commitment by the countries with the greatest resources to the countries most in need," Cardinal Peter Turkson said.

Saints accompany, intercede for Christians in prayer, pope says

Christians are never alone in prayer but instead are accompanied by myriad saints who protect them and seek God's intercession, Pope Francis said.

Swiss-born Father Hans Küng, theologian, dies at 93

Father Hans Küng, the prominent and sometimes controversial Swiss Catholic theologian, died peacefully in his sleep in the university town of Tübingen, Germany, where he had lived and lectured since 1960, said a spokesman for his Global Ethic Foundation. He was 93.

New Catholic says she ‘really enjoyed this journey’ leading her to church

Taking a momentous journey is not a new experience for Jillian Shen. Born and raised in China, she moved to California to earn a bachelor's degree in psychology at the University of California in Los Angeles and her master's degree in that subject at California State University.

Advocate with Down syndrome promotes employment for ‘friends like me’

Mark Hublar is a people person. The fact radiates in his greeting -- the friendly smile, the extended hand, the confident eye contact and the chatter.

To foster inclusiveness, Nigerian nuns mainstream pupils with disabilities

On a sunny afternoon, the Rev. Gideon Oyabugbe, a minister at a local Baptist church, walked into St. Vincent's Centre for Inclusive Education to pick up James, his 8-year-old son. James has autism spectrum disorder, a condition that impairs communication and social interaction.