Cardinals Ladaria, Ouellet outline concerns about German Synodal Path

Top Vatican officials expressed concern that, with the Synodal Path, the German bishops were giving up their role as shepherds and allowing participants to adopt positions contrary to the faith of the universal church, particularly regarding sexuality and women's ordination.

Cardinal Becciu secretly recorded call with pope, Vatican prosecutor says

After learning that Cardinal Angelo Becciu and a relative of his secretly recorded a phone call with Pope Francis, the Vatican's chief prosecutor said his office is considering a new charge -- one of criminal conspiracy -- against the cardinal, who has been on trial since July 2021 for financial malfeasance.

Advent watching includes noticing God at work in daily life, pope says

Being so distracted that one does not notice God's presence in daily life is a warning sign that one is not being vigilant enough, Pope Francis cautioned.

With America magazine pope talks about church division, women, abortion

In a wide-ranging interview with top staff of America magazine, Pope Francis decried increased polarization within the Catholic Church, affirmed the need to involve more women in church administration but ruled out women priests and emphasized the importance of the ministry of individual bishops over the role of a bishops' conference.

Pope: Spiritual consolation is deep joy that motivates one to ‘do good’

The spiritual practice of discernment, of seeing where God is at work in one's life and what God is calling one to do, includes examining what brings a sense of consolation and spurs one to do good, Pope Francis said.

NEWS BRIEF: ReADVENTion (A giving Advent)

1     Give a compliment to a stranger. 2     Send a loving letter to a family member. 3     Help cook something lovely for a friend. 4    Donate to...

Vibrant array of Advent traditions offer faithful myriad opportunities to pray, celebrate

The days leading up to Christmas can often be filled with shopping, decorating and other worldly pursuits, but long-held Advent traditions help the faithful focus on the reason for the season: the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Retired Bishop Hubbard asks Vatican to return him ‘to the lay state’

Retired Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of Albany has asked the Vatican that he be "returned to the lay state."

U.S. Catholic leaders speak out against three November executions

In the third week of November, three executions by lethal injection took place in the U.S. in just two days and a fourth execution was called off after failed attempts happened close to the expiration of the prisoner's death warrant.

Visiting his family, pope celebrates feast of Christ the King

With several of his cousins and their children and grandchildren present, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Asti cathedral, giving a nod to his family roots and drawing people's attention to the root of Christian faith: the cross of Jesus.