Beyond the border, reunification of Latin American families takes years

Jorge Alvarenga's voice seemed to crack just a little when the 31-year-old began remembering and talking about the last time he saw his mother in El Salvador. He was 14. She was in her 20s. It was the middle of the night and she got into a car.

Visiting Auschwitz, cardinal prays for grandmother who died there

When Canadian Cardinal Michael Czerny visited Auschwitz to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Edith Stein, he also prayed for his grandmother who died there -- a Catholic whose parents were born Jewish.

Nigerian officials say they’ve arrested six linked to Pentecost attacks

Nigerian officials identified six suspects arrested in connection with the June 5 attack that killed 40 people at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo.

Papal ambassador’s visit boosts diocese’s Native American missions

A representative of the papal ambassador to the United States has paid two visits to the Diocese of Phoenix’s Native American missions.

Asylum-seekers will be allowed in as DHS ends ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Aug. 8 that it was set to end, in "a quick, and orderly, manner," a Trump-era policy that keeps asylum-seekers out of the country while they wait for immigration courts to hear their cases.

Overturning of Roe provides ‘chance to win fight for life,’ says top Knight

The U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision to throw out the precedent set in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide, is a landmark victory but not the end of the fight for life, said Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly.

African bishops lament inability to stop young people from leaving

In the din of Yaoundé's traffic, thousands of youths comb various offices, documents in hand, in search of jobs.

Drive for Catholic education nurtures faith and develops pro-life nurse, missionary disciple

“I think that God put it in me to be really drawn to Catholicism at a young age,” Adriana Osorio said with quiet conviction as she sat back in the molded-plastic seating at a Mesa fast-food restaurant.

Detained bishop in Nicaragua says hate must be answered with love

Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando José Álvarez offered a message of love to the world Aug. 7 even as he continued to be detained by police inside a church building in Matagalpa.

Be vigilant to God’s presence in life, pope says

Christians should not only face life's challenges without fear but also not be overcome by the temptation to remain idle to the Lord's presence in those moments, Pope Francis said.