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Here is what made headlines in The Catholic Sun in 1987:

  • Ukrainian tradition of egg art began in pre-Christian times
    A local Catholic shared the tradition of adding artistic designs, not just color to the egg shell. Wheat was an important agricultural staple and a symbol of fertility. It also represents the bread of live. An article from Canadian Catholic News further discusses the symbolism and legends.
    A Wisconsin parish recently held a workshop on the art. Browse some Ukrainian designs.


  • St. Luke’s comes inside for Easter
    An article reported that St. Luke Parish (7th Avenue south of Loop 101) was scheduled to hold its first Easter Mass in its own worship space. Previous Easter liturgies were in a vacant field. Parishioners had met in a public school for two years for regular Sunday Masses with daily services held in a garage.


  • Dining room needs food for 2,000 Easter meals
    St. Vincent de Paul was averaging 800-1,000 meals daily back then and projected double that for Easter Sunday. André Hous, which also serves the homeless nearby, recently reported that meal service is up from 555 meals per night in 2011 to 600 in 2012.


  • Encyclical dedicated to the Blessed Virgin
    Released on feast of the Annunciation in preparation for special Marian Year that began the following June. Full text.


  • Family unites in Flagstaff church
    It’s a detailed history, but to say the Church of the Nativity in Flagstaff was the family’s home parish was an understatement. The parents were married there (after the soon-to-be husband’s conversion). The priest who built the church instructed him. It was also the site of baptism/confirmation for each of their nine children and, in 1967, the site of a Franciscan priest ordination for the eldest son. Twenty years later, he returned to offer Mass with his dad, who served for the first time as a permanent deacon. The wife/mom was a eucharistic minister.


  • Plus Papal preparation headlines for his September visit:
    • Bishop pleased with trip to Rome (the meeting briefed the pope for his U.S. visit)
    • Basilica painting project begins (part of a $300,000 exterior renovation)
    • Indians to be briefed on pope visit
    • Papal Mass chorale expanded to include 500 (up from 150)