Seen this video yet? It went up Holy Thursday and pretty quickly climbed the “views” chart. Here’s the premise Xavier College Preparatory posted on its news page:

When Xavier Social Studies teacher Gina Nunez faced the problem of being out of her classroom at a critical time for her students, she went to XCP Tech Support Specialist Jeanne Donnelly for help.

Jeanne  had seen the Google+ Hangout demonstrated at a Google for Education event at ASU and thought “I think this might help Gina!” She talked to Gina about it and set it up. 

It worked very well and was forwarded to Jamie Casap (XCP Dad), an executive with Google who is on the XCP  Technology Committee. Google sent a filmmaking crew here for a week in early March and the result is a  video that clearly shows the dedication Xavier teachers have for their craft and their students.

 So far, over 136,000 people have viewed the video on YouTube.

US News and World Report – University Directory has also picked it up and featured it in a recent article.

Congratulations Gina and Jeanne!

The video is well done and makes supberb use of technology. Just not sure what the future holds for substitute teachers if the regular teacher can instruct from a remote location.

Xavier’s seniors start their final exams next week. May their year-long study habits be reflected in their exam scores. Same goes for students everywhere headed into final exam season.