How much do you recall or can you deduce about headlines The Catholic Sun brought your way in years past?  (Photo illustration by Ambria Hammel/CATHOLIC SUN)
How much do you recall from headlines The Catholic Sun brought your way in years past? Or, if you’re relatively new to the Diocese of Phoenix,  can you deduce enough from archived headlines to determine what year we printed them? (Photo illustration by Ambria Hammel/CATHOLIC SUN)

Pop quiz for all of you who have lived in the Diocese of Phoenix for some time.

You’ll find the following headlines and news makers in our archived January issues in what year? Hint: it was the same time local Catholics celebrated a diocesan Year of the Family.

Read through to the bottom to find out the year.

  • Catholic actress Ann Jillian performed at the Sundome and granted an interview to our editor
  • A letter to the editor from the St. Vincent de Paul Society thanked thousands who mailed milk coupons to them to put in food boxes at the conference level
    Consider this another hint of the era. How long has it been since you have seen a coupon for milk?
  • Health care, a four-page supplement exploring health care from a Catholic point of view
    It reported on doctors who link their faith with their profession, traditional Native American medicine, life-or-death decisions, care centers and healing prayer.
  • (headline) Activist with 135 arrests to address pro-lifers
    Joan Andrews, who had 15 convictions related to anti-abortion activities, addressed Project Rescue supporters at Wesley Bolin Plaza
  • (headline) Collection sets record
    Area Catholics shattered a four-year-old record for the most money raised in a diocesan second collection. The new record: $303,000 which went to the Retirement Fund for Religious
  • Mother Teresa agreed to send four nuns from her order to Phoenix
    The 2014 directory lists five Missionaries of Charity serving here today
  • (headline) Irish eyes are smiling
    Four standalone photos — no related story — provided coverage of Notre Dame’s victory over West Virginia at the Fiesta Bowl. A few priests watched from the sidelines.
  • First woman ready to take charge of Arizona House
    That woman was Jane Hull, who, at least at the time, attended Mass at Brophy’s Chapel and St. Francis Xavier
  • Giving peace a chance
    A “Making peace” columnist argued that the previous year was a good one reasoning that “Although people by the tens of thousands continued to be killed in wars around the world, several wars ended during the past year, while no new ones broke out.”

Did you narrow it down to a decade or a few years yet?

It was in the ’80s — the second half.

The year: 1989

Does 25 years seem like that long to you?