‘Not just tourists’: Pilgrims look to encounter Christ in Cali Holy sites

“If we go as pilgrims,” said Bishop Olmsted, “we shall discover the truth of the Chinese proverb: ‘He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left.’”

On board with the bishop — California pilgrimage

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted embarked on a four-day pilgrimage with 40 others from throughout the Diocese of Phoenix today. Learn more about the journey and his thoughts on pilgrimages.

Ordination moments

This year, I also took great joy in discovering who else the Diocese of Phoenix was spiritually united with nationwide because their (arch)diocese had an ordination scheduled for June 1 too.

Rejoice with these new, fully-initiated Catholics

A glimpse of some of the faces joining the Catholic church, both here in the Diocese of Phoenix and beyond.

Golfers master vocation support

You don't have to be a golf pro to hit the green, especially if it's in the name of vocations.

A lunchtime treat

Two school concerts in one morning wasn't enough for these choristers who normally are about triple this size.

Planning to see ‘Unplanned’ [VIDEO]

You have options in the Diocese of Phoenix, including several sneak peeks the night before its March 29 nationwide release.

Meet EWTN Vatican’s intern

If you've been following news from the Vatican more closely lately, this Phoenix Catholic could be behind some of those posts.

Lent resources

Connect with resources for your inbox, for the family and for the book lover.

Complete My Joy – Resources

We thought we'd share some related resources we ran across from our friends in the Catholic media on growing in family holiness.