It’s a standard question I ask the new priests every year: What was a key moment for you during the ordination Mass? 

Surprisingly, I get varied answers. Most refer to the time they lie prostrate or the laying on of hands by the bishop. Some expand it in great detail with the flowing albs of priests who proceed to briefly lay their hands on the head of the man being ordained.

For Fr. Christopher Gossen, it was concelebrating with the bishop and brother priests and soaking in that instant sense of brotherhood. For Fr. Peter Teresa McConnell, it was allowing the prayer of ordination to sink in.

fr. Peter Teresa McConnell, FHS and Fr. Christopher Gossen emerge from Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral following their June 1 ordination to the priesthood. (Ambria Hammel/CATHOLIC SUN)

For me, this was my 12th ordination Mass, but the first time I noticed that the bishop makes three crosses of holy oil within the hands of each new priest. (I’m usually too focused on getting a variety of photos in that instant to notice.)
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This year, I also took great joy in discovering who else the Diocese of Phoenix was spiritually united with nationwide because their (arch)diocese had an ordination scheduled for June 1 too. Twitter was a huge help in that arena. I found 16 of them totaling more than 50 priests — not including the Diocese of Phoenix duo.

I also found some fun social media insights:

#BigFanofPriesthood —

The hashtag surprisingly didn’t pick up steam, but there was a wrestling priest who used it three times.

#GlobalParentsDay —

I forgot to work it into the story, but June 1 was also Global Parents Day. I found that appropriate since the new priests can be a spiritual father to anyone willing to listen. Pope Francis’ Tweet for that day was apropos.

Ordained on his namesake’s feast day

June 1 was the feast of St. Justin the Martyr. I’m sure this guy was thrilled to have his ordination fall that same day. A local news site shared his vocation story.



It appears the hashtag and reporting was a group effort that they can easily update each year by changing the last two digits. The Twitter team were eyeing @HappySeminarian. I wondered on ordination day if the soon to be Fr. Cassidy knew he pigeon-holed himself with the account. Well, this Tweet cleared that up.

Feel free to follow the newest HappySeminarian’s feed.

It seems jgksem2018 similarly pigeon-holed himself, but he is successfully maintaining the account. He threw us all off too with the “2018” in his Twitter handle, but indeed, it appears priesthood ordination was June 1, 2019 for Fr. John Kladar and three others.

@padrebrendon — 

The Twitter bio of this priest, who presumably attended ordination in the Allentown Diocese, stopped me dead in my tracks

And for fun, here is a European ordination from June 1. If you like ordination/vocation news, be sure to follow Vocation Ministry and consider using its resources to further celebrate and nurture vocations at your parish.