CATHOLICS MATTER: Bridgette Cosentino — Corporate exec turned stay-at-home mom manages parish

Growing up with a single mom on welfare in Brooklyn, Bridgette Cosentino’s childhood wasn’t easy. Though she was baptized Catholic and attended Catholic school, faith was not central to her life.

Catholics Matter: Intrepid sister goes door-to-door inviting Catholics to Mass

That knock at the door might not be a sales person. Sr. Margery Therese Harkin, PVMI, with her soft Irish brogue and sparkling blue eyes, is out pounding the streets, looking for the lost sheep, even as the summer’s brutal heat beats down on her pale blue dress and veil.

CATHOLICS MATTER: Rosemary Dougherty — Boundless energy to serve others, feed the hungry

Rosemary Dougherty credits her 12 years of Catholic education and the strong faith and family bonds nurtured in her first-generation Italian American home for helping her weather the storms of life.

CATHOLICS MATTER: Carolyn Diercksmeier — Woman’s uncommon life story focused on mercy, service to...

She attended daily Mass all through grade school and high school and entered the religious life at 18. For years, she enjoyed teaching math to junior high students. As time went on, however, she found herself enveloped in deep depression, a sorrow she couldn’t shake.

Catholics Matter: Joyce Coronel: ‘Sun’ columnist highlights plight of Chaldean Catholics

Although fiction, Joyce Coronel has taken elements of her life growing up in Scottsdale and as a writer for The Catholic Sun to craft a story loosely based on the real hardships facing Chaldean Catholics living in the Middle East.

CATHOLICS MATTER: Craig Colson — Musician uses gift to draw people closer to God

Craig Colson has spent most of the last 20 years inside Catholic churches. It wasn’t always like that though. Growing up he dreaded going to church. Mostly, he said, it was the music he abhorred.

Catholics Matter: Becky Greene: Former secularist embraces Catholic faith

Becky Green decided to become a Catholic and planned to enter at the Easter vigil but was deterred by tragedy. On Holy Thursday, her 55-year-old father, en route to Phoenix for the ceremony, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Deacon Ken Kulinowski: Polish-American deacon pens book defending Pius XII

Deacon Ken Kulinowski was born in Buffalo, N.Y., just 22 days after the Nazis invaded Poland. The grandson of Polish-speaking immigrants, Kulinowski attended a Polish national school.

CATHOLICS MATTER: Tom Perna — Devotion to Our Lady sparks ‘Mondays with Mary’

Tom Perna loves school, but he wasn’t always like that. His blog posts, “Mondays with Mary,” teach Catholics about the Blessed Virgin Mary. A former...

CATHOLICS MATTER: Leila Miller: Popular blogger teaches simple truths of Catholic faith

In the wee hours of the morning, while her husband and children peacefully slumber, Leila Miller sits bent over her computer, tapping out her latest blog post. has thousands of followers all over the world, and not a few of them are atheists.