The patience of a saint

The 40-something eternally optimistic guard looked particularly young and fit for his age, especially considering his condition. He was a kidney transplant recipient in need of a second transplant.

The gift you forgot you had

My teen niece called me last week to tell me her dad — my brother — was getting on her nerves. What teenager hasn’t said that, right?

America is embracing life — keep it up!

What better time to remind ourselves of the value of life than at Lent, when the message of sacrificing for others beckons us to see and respect the value of all humanity.

Shout out your faith during Pentecost Month!

The Catholic religion is first and foremost about actively bringing love and peace to a world that always seems to be in the middle of some kind of strife and conflict.

The freedom to care — Another take on the Fourth of July

I hope you all had an amazing, safe and fun Independence Day. How many of you did something on that day to help someone who needed it?

Farewell, and spread the love!

Be open to the changes God brings forth in your lives, in our nation, in our world and even in our Church. And meet them all with love in your hearts.