Veterans create beauty for others in spite of pain, loss

Recently I was invited to attend the Phoenix VA Health Care System Arts Festival to honor and display the artwork of veterans. Since so many...

Parents’ love is precious, even when they are a little goofy

Isn’t it great growing up with a perfect mom and dad who are there for you exactly when you need them, who never cramp...

Who is your face of Catholicism?

I do not have many memories of life before Catholic elementary school. But I do remember crying my eyes out the first time my...

My friend, the Catholic who wasn’t

My best friend is one of the most Catholic people I know. Only he’s not Catholic. But we can all learn something about being...

What we can do about the jobless rate

Every once in a while I like to give up my creature comforts to remind myself of the blessings God has afforded me. But I also do it so I can learn about and identify with others who might not have received such blessings.

Count your blessings, even the ones that don’t happen

At the end of the day when I put my hands together to pray, I not only give thanks for all the blessings God sent my way, but I also take a moment to reflect on all the bad things that did not occur.

Be a Catholic ‘Secret Santa’

A few years back I met a man who spent every December traveling across the country finding hardworking people who were having a tough time around the holidays and putting an extra hundred bucks in their stockings. His gift couldn’t fix all their problems. But it did make their day, and it gave them an important boost when times were tough.

Easter promise: Suffering still exists, but cross-bearer helps

Sometimes when things don’t go right in our lives we blame God, casting our fists in the sky in anger as if God is supposed to make everything perfect for us.

Follow Pope Francis to a better world

From the start of his papacy in his first papal address when he called for compassion for the poor and then proceeded to bless all who listened, non Catholics and non-believers as well, Pope Francis extolled the ministry of service to and love for others.

The Catholic cure for fear of the mentally challenged

For all the thousands of people I have interviewed, from the famous to the felonious, an encounter with those suffering mental challenges was and still is a challenge for me.