Transforming power of mercy brings healing

There’s a peace that comes over you when you’ve made your peace with God — a peace that the world cannot destroy.

Faith starts with facts, spreads through ‘still, small voice’

There comes a time in the life of every parent of a teenager or college student that you have The Discussion. High school and college-age kids — even the nicest of them — will at eventually come smack up against a parent’s prohibitions.

Tolerance is wonderful — if you agree with the cultural elite, that is

While it’s true that men and women have their fundamental differences, it’s also true that they are made by God so as to be complementary.

Media ignores grisly murder trial, but pictures don’t lie

Not the blood-spattered walls, not the unsterilized surgical instruments, not the corpses of tiny babies kept in cat food containers are of interest to reporters and their editors these days, unless of course they belong to the Catholic or pro-life press.

Remembering a gentle shepherd murdered by militants

Today we remember Chaldean Father Ragheed Aziz Ganni, who, along with three subdeacons from Church of the Holy Spirit in Mosul, Iraq, were killed June 3, 2007, while leaving the church after Mass.

Marriage rulings: Wake up and smell the coffee, America

Even with many Americans still professing faith in God (sort of) we are clearly in a post-Christian era that finds its roots in the so-called sexual revolution and drug culture of the 1960s that embraced contraception, abortion and “free love.”

Fathers: Giving life, faith to others — or not

Even now, four years after the day we lost him, I still hear the voice of my father resound within me day by day, guiding me through life’s twists and turns.

Evidence is clear: We are hard-wired for generous love

A recent headline in The Wall Street Journal caught my attention: “Hard-wired for Giving.” The lead into the story questioned the Darwinian assumption that humans are basically selfish and pointed to a recent study in which scientists discovered the human brain is actually built for generosity.

Pope: Our first calling is to love, embrace all people

You know those emails that insist you “must” click on this link, view that video or delve into such-and-such a blog? Honestly, I end up deleting most of them. It’s just too much. Every now and then though — perhaps at my guardian angel’s prompting — I click.

Giving thanks in the midst of senseless tragedy

When I first heard about what happened to Albert Quihuis, 90, and his wife, Sophia, 87, my initial reaction was outrage.