‘American Papist’ calls young Catholics to greater pro-life commitment

Don’t hide that your pro-life, Catholic blogger Thomas Peters challenged a crowd of 300 young Catholics gathered Jan. 19.

Bishop Olmsted celebrates Mass for Unborn

The Gospel reading for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time focused on Jesus’ first miracle. One homily shortly thereafter linked it to the first...

Poirier to support Chaldean ‘Church of Martyrs’

Nationally acclaimed Catholic composer and vocalist Michael John Poirier will perform in a Feb. 8 concert at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral to benefit the Chaldean Catholic Church in Arizona.

Catholics Matter: Joyce Coronel: ‘Sun’ columnist highlights plight of Chaldean Catholics

Although fiction, Joyce Coronel has taken elements of her life growing up in Scottsdale and as a writer for The Catholic Sun to craft a story loosely based on the real hardships facing Chaldean Catholics living in the Middle East.

Notre Dame student headed to nation’s capital for inauguration

Notre Dame Prep. student may be the only student from Arizona attending the High School Presidential Inaugural Conference this month in Washington, D.C.

40 years after ‘Roe,’ pro-life movement strengthens its resolve

Forty years after the legalization of abortion, the pro-life movement continues it work to get the decision reversed.

CCF launches ‘Sanctity of Life Perpetual Fund’ with $50,000 match

The Catholic Community Foundation has announced a $50,000 matching gift to create the Sanctity of Life Fund, a perpetual endowment that will address the need for sustainable funding for vital pro-life programs and organizations in the Diocese of Phoenix.

West African resilience: How women are key to long-term stability in the Sahel

Women play a key role in coping with ongoing drought and famine in West Africa.

Catholic Renewal Ministries caters to all ages with late-night worship for young adults

Catholics of all ages are invited to kick off the new calendar year by seeking strength through the Holy Spirit. That’s the mission of...

Our Faith: Mary, Mother of God: Her role in our salvation

Although Mary is honored with countless titles, none is grander than, “Mary, Mother of God.” The Catholic Church views the Blessed Mother with such reverence that the octave of Christmas, Jan. 1, is a holy day of obligation. The feast day reminds us of the role she had in the plan of salvation, which began with her simple answer of, “yes,” to God.