Our Lady of Fatima for our time

A statue of Our Lady of Fatima is carried during a candlelight vigil at the shrine in Fatima, Portugal, Oct. 12, 2007. An estimated 300,000 pilgrims converged in Fatima to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first apparition of Mary to three shepherd children in 1917. A new, modern church was also dedicated at the shrine. (CNS photo/Nacho Doce, Reuters)
A statue of Our Lady of Fatima is carried during a candlelight vigil at the shrine in Fatima, Portugal, Oct. 12, 2007. An estimated 300,000 pilgrims converged in Fatima to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first apparition of Mary to three shepherd children in 1917. A new, modern church was also dedicated at the shrine. (CNS photo/Nacho Doce, Reuters)

Today I would like to write about our upcoming Arizona Rosary Celebration and my thoughts about Our Lady’s apparitions. It is significant, perhaps even providential that the committee of the Arizona Rosary Celebration chose months ago to honor Our Lady of Fatima at this yearly event, because Oct. 13, 1917 was the last day Our Lady appeared to more than 70,000 in rain soaked Fatima. It appeared that the sun was spinning from the sky to earth and instantly the area was dried. It is referred to as the Miracle of the Sun.

Janet LaPlante focuses on life experiences and how they enable us to grow in our spirituality. Opinions expressed are the writer’s and not necessarily the views of The Catholic Sun or the Diocese of Phoenix.
Janet LaPlante focuses on life experiences and how they enable us to grow in our spirituality. Opinions expressed are the writer’s and not necessarily the views of The Catholic Sun or the Diocese of Phoenix.

Then, this past March our newly elected Pope Francis dedicated his papacy to Mary under her title of Our Lady of Fatima. Pope Francis is having the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima flown from the Little Chapel of Apparitions in Fatima, Portugal to Rome and there will be two days of ceremonies, just as we have in Arizona — in Tucson and in Phoenix. On Oct. 13, the pope will consecrate the world to Jesus through Our Lady, during Mass before her statue in St. Peter’s Square.

So, on Sunday, Oct. 13 let us be at the Phoenix Convention Center honoring Our Lady of Fatima and seeking her powerful intercession for our families, our country and the world on the 96th anniversary of her appearance at Fatima. Let us give witness to our faith in the Year of Faith by bringing our family and friends to this Rosary celebration that has become a tradition in our diocese. The Tucson Rosary Celebration is Saturday, Oct. 12 at Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.

I think it would be nice to recall that Our Lady of Fatima is a title given to the Virgin Mary, based on apparitions of her to three shepherd children, Lucia Dos Santos, 9, and her cousins, Francisco, 8, and Jacinta, 6. The apparitions occurred on the 13th day of the month for six consecutive months. However, there were first three apparitions by an angel.

During the first apparition of the angel, the three children were tending their sheep when it started raining and they ran into a cave. The angel said, “Fear not! I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me.”

During the second apparition, the angel said, “I am the Guardian Angel of Portugal. Offer prayers and sacrifices continually.”

During the third apparition, the angel had in his hand a chalice over which hung a host, from which drops of Blood fell into the chalice. He repeated three times with the children: “Most Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — I adore thee profoundly. I offer thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.”

Arizona Rosary Celebration When: 2 p.m. Oct. 13 Where: Phoenix Convention Center, Halls F and G, 100 N. Third Street, Phoenix Info: www.azrosary.com
Arizona Rosary Celebration
When: 2 p.m. Oct. 13
Where: Phoenix Convention Center, Halls F and G, 100 N. Third Street, Phoenix
Info: www.azrosary.com

On Sunday May 13, 1917 the children were pasturing their flock as usual, when a bright light pierced the air. A lady was standing there dressed in white. “Fear not! I will not harm you.” she said. “Where are you from?” the children asked. “I am from heaven” the beautiful lady replied.” I want you to come here for six months on the same day at the same hour. Recite the rosary every day for peace.”

During her second apparition, the message was to pray, make sacrifices and to say the rosary.

As Our Lady spoke during her third apparition, she stretched out her hands and bright rays came forth which seemed to penetrate into the earth. All at once the ground vanished, and the children saw hell. Frightened they lifted their eyes to the Lady who told them “You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save future souls God wishes to establish in the world the devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If people do what I tell you, many souls will be saved.”

“Do you want to learn a prayer?” Mary asked. “Yes we do!” the children responded. “When you recite the Rosary, say at the end of each decade: Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Your Mercy.”

In August the children were prevented by the civil authorities to go to the 4th meeting on the 13th. Finally on Aug. 19, while they fed the flock, they saw the Lady who said “I want you to continue see me on the 13th, and continue to say the rosary every day. I, in the last month will make the miracle that all will believe.” Then with a sad appearance told them: “Pray a lot and offer sacrifices for sinners. Many souls go the hell because there is none who pray for them.”

On Sept. 13 the children and about 30,000 people recited the rosary, and Our Lady appeared for the fifth time saying: “In October the Lord, Our Lady of Sorrows, the Lady of Mount Carmel, and St Joseph with the child Jesus, will come to bless the world. God is glad of your sacrifices.”

On Oct. 13, 1917 the children were surrounded by a crowd of 70,000 persons under a torrential rain. During her sixth and last apparition in Fatima, Our Lady said, “I am the Lady of the Rosary. I desire a chapel in my honor to be built here, and that people continue to recite the Rosary every day.” Lucy asked: “If I ask you for cures and conversions, will you grant them?” Our Lady responded, some yes, others no. It is necessary that they ask pardon for their sins, that they don’t offend God, our Lord. “Do you want anything else from me?” Lucy asked. “I do not want anything more,” Mary responded.

Then she opened her hands and the promised sign happened. There appeared a bright sun, which began to turn, projecting bands of color that lit the clouds, the sky, the trees, and the crowd. Suddenly it looked as if it would fall on the crowd and they fell to their knees. Meanwhile the children saw a Lady dressed like the white of the sun with a blue cape and St. Joseph with the Child Jesus. They saw the Lord bless the world. The people then became aware that their clothes were dry. The miracle she had promised had come to be.

Let us be part of the Rosary Celebration in either Tucson and Phoenix, Oct. 12 and 13.

May we honor Our Lady of Fatima as our Mother and learn to depend on her as the young shepherds did in their time. There is much more to read about this story. May you take the time to learn more about Our Lady of Fatima and always know her Joy.



  1. Hi Janet .another consecration of the world.for the fifth time i believe.you dont mention that our Lady mother of the Most High specifically asked for RUSSIA bY name to be consecrated to her immaculate heart with the pope and all the bishops of the world.this has never been done,the results are clear we have no world peace.Abortions by the thousands .homosexual marriage etc the list goes on.The proper consecration will only be done when the fire starts to fall from the sky.God have mercy on us. chris.

    • I agree Chris. It seems the hierarchy of the Church is fearful of performing the consecration for Russia. In addition, the third secret, the version released by the Vatican, seems to me not authentic. I mean to fight tooth and nail to keep it from being released for decades only to finally release it and have everyone collectively say “That’s it?!” There is something amiss.

      I believe the true third secret reveals apostasy by many, not all, in the hierarchy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it perhaps mentions the pedophile scandal that was to come in some way. It likely also tells of horrific chastisements as well.

      • Danno, the apostasy, the pedophile scandal, the condition of the world were all foretold by Our Lady of LaSallete, years BEFORE Fatima. The message of LaSallete (1846) was largely suppressed by the hierarchy of the Church because it was about THEM! At LaSallet, Our Lady also told the children that much of the punishment that the world would experience would come because people worked on Sunday as if it were any other day. Read about LaSallete & pray!

  2. There is confusion on whether Russia has or has not been consecrated by a Pope in union with all the bishops as asked by the Virgin Mary. Some claim that with the bishops John Paul II did consecrate Russia in 1984 by saying not only the world but the nation mentioned by the Virgin Mary or something similar. However we must wonder where this Era of Peace is. I believe that when Medugorje is recognized as a valid apparition that we will soon after see the Era of Peace. The seers of Medugorje allegedly have ten secrets that will be released by one of their confessors three days before each one presents itself to the world. All we can do for now is pray and keep the faith trusting that the Lord will take care of His children. I have no idea why Ms. LaPlante did not broach this part of the apparition. And I agree the third secret has been totally misinterpreted.

  3. If this article does not reflect the publishers opinions, it should!!! It should be every Catholics opinion, PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY!!!

  4. Janet.
    Please note that on Sat. Oct. 12th there will be thousands of cities around the globe praying the Holy Rosary at noon in each respected time zone.
    Join in you faithful. Find a place near you. Go to ANF.org
    Then hit Public Square Rosary to find out more.
    Be a part of a storm raining prayers on Heaven on Saturday the 12th.
    ANF is America Needs Fatima!

  5. Although there has been much misinformation about the “consecration” of Russia to Our Lady, Sister Lucia hersel said repeatedly prior to her death that the Heavenly Father accepted the consecration of John Paul II in 1984 as a fulfillment of Our Lady’s recquest. Subsequently we have witnessed the fall of communism, the rise of the Russian orthodox church, the return of the icon of Our Lady of Kazan to a new church in the Russian town of Kazan, the rise of Vladimir Putin, a devout Russian orthodox Christian who carries an icon of Our Lady of Kazan on his person at all times, and a strong movement in Russia to restore the sanctity of marriage, encouragement of large families. We can expect that Russia will play a role in continuing an era of peace in the world and this is recently manifested by the intervention of Vladimir Putin to avoid the reckless decision by the American president to bomb Syria. In doing so, Mr Putin may well have avoided an international war, possibly even WWIII. Can there be any doubt in view of the events of recent history that Our Lady’s request regarding Russia has been fulfilled. The mission of we Catholics in the United States is to promote devotion to the Rosary, and re establish Our Lady as the Patron of the United States. It is time for us to play our role in the coming era of peace.

  6. I would like to know where the Original Sr. Lucia is. It seems that there was an imposter installed in 1960..there is strong evidence that the seer of Fatima was murdered. Sr. Lucia dos Santos who was martyred for Christ Pray for us. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

  7. J Scott has it right . The real Lucia died a few years ago and before she did she said the consecration of JP II had been accepted. Lucia received other apparitions while in the convent. The idea that the real Lucia was murdered is ludicrous, one of those conspiracy theories.
    Sr . Lucia’s own words have been published as well as a book she wrote on living a life of penance. A copy of the third secret was taken to sr. Lucia and approved before it was published.

  8. For those of you who are not familiar with the Story of OUR LADY of FATIMA, should watch a fairly new release called “THE THIRTEETH DAY.”
    It tells the complete story of OUR LADY OF FATIMA…..the graphics that are used to depict the scene of hell, presented to the three shepherd children, should make any and all repent! Our Blessed Mother’s appearances gave you a feeling of being there amongst the crowd. Every family should view this film with their children (though use precaution with younger children whenever it comes to the part with hell)If we don’t prepare our children and our families and teach them the importance of the Rosary and devotion to OUR BLESSED MOTHER, then they, as well as others, may be loss! With sin running rampant in our world, abortion at an all time high, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and God being removed not only from our schools, but our government and our workplaces, and blasphemy against Jesus and His Mother; we best be on our knees and reciting the Rosary each and everyday for ourselves and those we love. May OUR LADY OF THE HOLY ROSARY convert all who walk in darkness before its too late! “OH MY JESUS, FORGIVE US OUR SINS AND SAVE US FROM THE FIRES OF HELL and HELP ALL THOSE IN NEED OF THY MERCY!

  9. The consecration of Russia by the Pope in union with all the bishops of the world, which is what Our Lady requested, has never been done. The consecration by Pope John Paul II only refers to the world, but he did depart from the written text and added words which was published in the Vatican`s paper the following day which in part reads `those people who await our consecration`. To see the accurate quote on the Observatore Romano text visit http://www.fatima.org. There you will find extensive coverage on this matter and other topics about Fatima including one of the best presentation covering the `Miracle of the Sun`. Do visit `www.fatima.org`.

  10. The Consecration was accepted. If we can’t trust Sr. Lucia, who can we trust? I certainly believe everything she told us. Also, the day after the Consecration, I spoke to one of the bishops and was told that all of them received a letter requesting that they do it in union with the Pope and went on to say that they all agreed. If Sister Lucia said it was accepted, it was accepted.

    John, please contact the Rector at Fatima (can use Bing for translation) and ask about Fr. Gruner.


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