Bishop Dolan comments on Saturday’s rally attack

Below are the comments from Bishop Dolan on Saturday following the shooting at a Pennsylvania rally: “My heart goes out to those who suffered during today’s act of violence that took place in Pennsylvania during President Donald Trump’s campaign rally, including the former president himself. I am praying for those who were injured and lost their lives.

Remember your roots 

After the joyful celebration of the ordination of three new priests this year, I find myself reflecting on the significance of the priesthood and the journey leading to it. As Nazareth Seminary expands to keep our seminarians close to home, I cannot help but marvel at the way God weaves together the threads of nature and nurture, of personal calling and communal support. 

‘You don’t have to walk alone:’ Green Mass honors mental health professionals, caregivers

PHOENIX --- For the second year in a row, the Diocese of Phoenix used the liturgy and the Eucharist to honor and pray for the professionals, caregivers and clergy who serve those with mental health concerns, part of a growing effort to spotlight the once-misunderstood area of care. The Office of Mental Health Ministry invited professionals, social workers, counselor, pastoral caregivers and mental health ministers to Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral, where Mass was celebrated Sunday in their honor.

Embracing the sacramental tapestry: A personal journey through Easter reflections

My heart is drawn to the profound significance of the Easter season—a time to immerse oneself in the beauty of the sacraments, a time for spiritual renewal and a time to uplift those embarking on their own sacramental journeys. It is during this period that we, as a faith community, come together to reflect on the promises made, the names bestowed, and the divine missions entrusted to us.

Jesus is seeking you

In the Gospel of Luke, we’re introduced to a man who we only know a few things about – he’s short in stature, he’s publicly recognized as a sinner, he’s good at climbing trees and he’s personally sought out by Jesus. His name is Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a Jewish tax collector who worked for the Roman officials and was seen as a traitor and sinner by his own people. Scripture tells us he was rich, which indicates he may have cheated others out of their money. He likely lived a life where others regularly looked upon him with disdain.

NEWS BRIEF: Bishop Dolan announces new Pastoral Council

Bishop John Dolan announced his new Pastoral Council for the Diocese of Phoenix on Sunday during Mass at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix. The 22-member council, comprised of clergy, religious and laity, attended the Mass, which aired live across the diocese on AZTV, Channel 7. An initiative established in October of 1965 as one of the many positive results of Vatican II, the pastoral council’s role is to investigate, consider, and to formulate practical conclusions about those things which pertain to pastoral works. Its president is the diocesan bishop.

Diocese’s historic mental health initiative reaches one year with plans to grow

PHOENIX -- The Diocese has marked the first year of an unprecedented outreach to individuals and those around them struggling with mental illness, seeing broad progress in expanding the historic initiative. In what has become the signature program of Bishop John P. Dolan’s young episcopate, the Diocese of Phoenix has grown its Office of Mental Health Ministry from a singular physical site and web resource to 15 parish-level offices. A total of 138 individuals --- including priests, women religious and laity --- have been trained in Mental Health First Aid, a course that equips graduates to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance-use disorders.

Finding Hope on the Advent Journey

Things did not go as planned the first Christmas. Probably right around the time Mary and Joseph were settling in to wait for the arrival of their newborn baby, Ceasar Augustus announced that a census was taking place, and Joseph took Mary to the city of Bethlehem for their family to be enrolled. As we know, while they were there Mary went into labor and gave birth to the King of kings in a stable because there wasn’t room for them anywhere else.

NEWS BRIEF: Bishop Dolan debuts “A Seat at the Table” livestream

Bishop John Dolan launched a first-ever monthly video series titled "A Seat at the Table" on Tuesday afternoon.  The program was livestreamed from the Diocesan Pastoral Center's downtown Phoenix studios on the diocese's Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Faithful join Bishop Dolan for 2nd annual Mass of Remembrance

PHOENIX -- Nearly six and a half years ago, Paula Cooper’s husband left for work --- just as he had on so many previous occasions. But on this day, he never returned. Paula and Robert Cooper had been married 25 years when he took his life, also leaving behind two children. A master sergeant in the Marines, Robert was a veteran of two tours of duty in Iraq.