Students make jog-a-thon a colorful affair, literally

St. Gregory students get a fresh dusting of colored powder during the school's Jog-a-thon Nov. 25. (courtesy photo)
St. Gregory students get a fresh dusting of colored powder during the school’s Jog-a-thon Nov. 25. (courtesy photo)

Valley students are used to the occasional dust storm, but not one that’s free of wind and full of color.

Students at St. Gregory created their own dust storm of sorts by tossing colored powder at classmates and teachers. It was a twist on the school’s traditional Jog-a-thon whose funds offset costs for technology and classroom resources. Relatives and friends from across the country sponsored St. Gregory students for its Nov. 25 Jog-a-thon around the school.

Students hoped the addition of colored powder and a slightly modified course — that let students off campus to cruise the sidewalk around its perimeter — re-energizes the school’s longstanding tradition. An array of sunglasses, goggles and swimming masks protected their eyes from the colorful “dust storm.” A guest appearance by Shamrock Farms’ “Spokes-cow,” Roxie, kept children pumped too by rewarding them with chocolate milk at the finish line.

Funds will continue to trickle in next week, but so far donors have raised some $16,225.


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