Welcome events create lasting friendships and encounter with Christ at Holy Trinity Newman Center

Northern Arizona University (NAU) junior Isaiah Padilla couldn’t hide his excitement as he explained the itinerary for Welcome Week at Holy Trinity Newman Center: “We climb a mountain, we go into underground volcano tubes, we have a dunk contest, we run across campus in the dark without adult supervision. It’s great.”

New course aims to instruct new Catholics, reenergize lifelong Catholics

A new online study course titled "What We Believe: The Beauty of the Catholic Faith" was "created by a few very imperfect disciples who happen to be crazy about Christ and his church," said one of the authors and presenters of the course.

How to make the church synodal? Inclusion, say respondents in 3 countries

Catholics on two different continents want more inclusion -- including of women and LGBTQ Catholics -- more adult faith formation and help with engaging young adults.

Syrian bishop: Aleppo facing ‘bombardment’ of poverty

Aleppo, besieged and destroyed in Syria's war, is calm now, but 11 years of war and the accompanying economic sanctions have left the city impoverished.

Film based on Indiana woman’s true story ‘reclaims beauty of adoption’

Melissa Coles received a call in the late summer of 2019. She didn't listen long before she figured it was a prank call and hung up. When the person called back, she hung up again.

Bianca Jagger steps to the forefront in defense of Nicaraguan bishop

Bianca Jagger counts herself among the thousands of Nicaraguan Catholics in constant vigil for news about detained Bishop José Álvarez, who has been under house arrest in northern Nicaragua with 11 companions since Aug. 4.

Mary teaches primacy of humility over power, success

Mary's humble life and example are a testament to the triumph of service and love over power and success, Pope Francis said.

A week into government detention, Nicaraguan bishop speaks of forgiveness

Detained Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando José Álvarez appeared in a video Aug. 11, a week into his de facto house arrest by government authorities, saying that he and the companions who are with him have hearts full of forgiveness and love.

Beyond the border, reunification of Latin American families takes years

Jorge Alvarenga's voice seemed to crack just a little when the 31-year-old began remembering and talking about the last time he saw his mother in El Salvador. He was 14. She was in her 20s. It was the middle of the night and she got into a car.

Visiting Auschwitz, cardinal prays for grandmother who died there

When Canadian Cardinal Michael Czerny visited Auschwitz to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Edith Stein, he also prayed for his grandmother who died there -- a Catholic whose parents were born Jewish.