Cathedral rector offers guidance for Catholics in the voting booth [VIDEO]


In his homily during the weekly televised Mass Oct. 2, Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral rector Fr. John Lankeit reflected on the difference between those issues where Catholics can exercise prudential judgment and those which are intrinsic evils, specifically tackling the topic of abortion.

“Make no mistake,” Fr. Lankeit said, “there is no single issue that threatens innocent human life more directly, consistently, imminently and urgently than the deliberate killing of baby boys and baby girls in their mothers’ womb.”

The video of Fr. Lankeit’s homily has been shared on several news outlets and had reached more than 30,000 views as of Oct. 6.


  1. It was a wonderful homily. I’ve passed it on. But 30,000? It should be viewed by 30 million, or 130 million. I will say more blatantly what I think Fr. John Lankeit was saying.

    This election is between a “Dope and a Demon”. Everybody that has paid attention the last 30 years knows that Donald Trump has been a ‘Good Time, Rock & Roll, Rich and Financially Successful Playboy’. What has surprised me is that he has surrounded himself with so many Orthodox Catholics, and Conservative Evangelical Christians.

    The Democrat Party is not the party of my parents and grandparents. It has become ‘a church’. Mrs. Clinton is their ‘high priestess’ and abortion is their sacrament. We know now because of WikiLeaks there has been a political plan by the Democrats to create a “Revolution in the Church”.

    Too many of our bishops and Church leaders are in a comfort zone and the ‘day of perdition’ is near.

    Peace amigos…………..JO


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