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New fund equips Catholic schools to serve students with disabilities

A newly established Arizona Catholic Schools Fund for Disabled Students allows schools to better serve students with a range of learning disabilities, physical or mobility challenges, blindness and low vision or who are hearing impaired.

Blind faith, literally, puts Catholic schools and disabilities in national spotlight

Behind the scenes, groups like the Exceptional Learners Advisory Board are helping ensure students with one or more learning or physical disabilities can thrive at a Catholic school in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Priest born deaf urges sacraments for children with disabilities

It is right and just to ensure all children receive religious education and access to the sacraments, said a priest who was born deaf and became blind 16 years ago.

‘Celebrating Differences’ event kicks off renewed effort to serve students with disabilities

Their school uniforms might be the same, but underneath is a person God gifted with a unique set of abilities and challenges to overcome.

Annunciation Catholic School receives grant to fund special needs program

The Catholic Community Foundation awarded Annunciation Catholic School a $20,000 grant in its competitive “Youth and Education” category. The grant will partially fund a special needs student program serving students at the Cave Creek school with learning disabilities.

Panel provides hope for student success despite learning disability

Parents seeking a Catholic education for children with learning disabilities in the Diocese of Phoenix have support from a local grassroots organization. The Arizona Catholic Schools Disabilities Fund, founded two years ago by Lisa Colangelo Fischer, Ph.D., partners with Catholic schools to educate and support parents, teachers and staff by advocating inclusion of special needs students.

Exceptional learners find welcome in Catholic schools

Catholic schools are entrusted with the mission of nurturing and developing the faith in students, and that includes those with special needs.

Experts weigh in on the accuracy of Paul VI’s predictions

Fifty years later, what consequences of the widespread use of artificial birth control does the U.S. and world see? How close are they to what Pope Paul VI predicted?

Irish bishop hopes papal visit can help bring healing after abortion vote

DUBLIN (CNS) — An Irish bishop said he hopes Pope Francis’ August visit can help bring healing after a divisive referendum that will pave the way for abortion on demand up to 12 weeks’ gestation.

FSL helps adults age with grace, uplifts caregivers too

it was difficult at first to leave her husband, a retired engineer who once spoke several languages, with anyone. Now, he is living a full life through two weekly visits to a faith-based care center.