Celebrating Marriage [VIDEO]

Regardless of how long you've been married, or even if you're dating and moving toward marriage, this song should resonate in your heart.

When the one who leads prayer, needs prayer

"If I were to die tomorrow, it would be my sincerest hope... that I would be remembered for bringing you closer to Jesus Christ because that is our mission, that is our hope, that is our longing at the core of our faith," Fr. Peter Rossa said.

Catholic? Single? September is the month for you

If you're Catholic and single, there are several ways the church celebrates your vocational state this month.

As summer turns into fall

This time of year is both a beginning and an end. These student productions help us reflect on our youth and pray for young people today.

Parish blood drives support summer need

Thirteen church sites are hosting a drive to fill a dire need through the end of July. Appointments are still available.

Surviving the hottest days of 2017

Here's a look at how some Catholic organizations and parishes are bearing through record-tying and likely record-breaking temperatures. Plus ways to help.

Kids can love church too!

Just look at the writing on the red rectangles — the kids' version of memorial bricks — at St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Gilbert.

Memorial Day in the Diocese of Phoenix

The faithful are remembering the souls of those who died protecting America's freedom with special Masses and a Rosary.

St. Joseph the Worker

With at least one feast to celebrate daily in the Church, see why the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker is a triple blessing in the Diocese of Phoenix.

What you may have missed in the #2017CSA photo

The Holy Spirit recently revealed something beautiful about this year's Christian Service Awards photo. Take a closer look at it and you'll agree.