One Advent tradition is somehow marking off an Advent calendar. Clearly, the world has its options for what style that will take.

Depending on your style, find the right calendar for you to try this Advent:

DIY Advent calendars

  • There’s always the faithful strips of construction paper (preferably purple or red, white and green) looped and linked together. A child breaks one off each day until Christmas Eve as a way to anticipate the waiting season that is Advent.
  • This one screams economical — for those who already have the pieces — plus family time and staying power. Instructions

or maybe just build a Christmas-related item each day. Here is a list of 25 secular items.

Online Advent calendars

They offer short readings, multimedia reflections and prayers geared toward youth and adults and might suggest a more complex call to action.

Inbox Advent calendars

Downloadable Advent calendars

Store bought Advent calendars

Numbered one through 24 or from the first day of Advent through Dec. 24, the calendar is often designed to open or break through one numbered square each day until Christmas Eve. The entire calendar can be a typical rectangle or bear the shape of a wreath or Christmas tree.

An Advent or Christmas symbol might wait inside physical calendars and perhaps some words or Scripture that gradually leads up to the birth of Christ.

Others have chocolate or other goodies inside to heighten a young one’s anticipation. Some calendars might suggest a light call to action each day.