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Con apoyo de CDA, ministerios étnicos ayudan a fieles de varias...

Para Doan Pham, tener una Iglesia Católica donde él y su esposa pueden criar sus niños para mantener su herencia y cultura vietnamita es algo supremo.

CDA helps families integrate culture with faith

For Doan Pham, having a Catholic church where he and his wife can raise their children to maintain their Vietnamese heritage and culture is paramount.

FSL helps adults age with grace, uplifts caregivers too

it was difficult at first to leave her husband, a retired engineer who once spoke several languages, with anyone. Now, he is living a full life through two weekly visits to a faith-based care center.

Fondos de CDA apoyan programas para adultos mayores

Siguiendo el consejo de un grupo de apoyo, Vivian Sarsam dedició llevar a su esposo Muntaz, de 86 años, a un “Centro de Servicios de Salud de Día para Adultos” en Tempe hace dos años.

Catholic Charities cares for orphans, welcomes the stranger with CDA support

In 2005, Mimi Condon saw an ad in The Catholic Sun recruiting foster parents.

Con el apoyo de CDA, ministerio facilita la sanación de las...

“No pensé que lo necesitaba”, dijo Alecia Turner sobre la invitación a asistir a un Retiro Del Dolor a la Gracia de cinco días en Phoenix a través de Restore Dignity (Restaurar la Dignidad). “No pensé que mis luchas actuales tuvieran algo que ver con mi pasado”.

With CDA support, ministry facilitates healing for abuse victims

“I didn’t think I needed it,” said Alecia Turner of the invitation to attend a five-day Grief to Grace Retreat in Phoenix through Restore Dignity. “I didn’t think my current-day struggles had anything to do with my past.”

CDA gears up to spread hope through outpouring of love

The coming days are prime time to discern how individuals and families will support this year’s effort which supports daily outreach in more than 70 charitable apostolates. The 2018 Charity and Development Appeal kicks off Feb. 10-11 at parishes.

Divine Providence remains key for new CDA director back in Arizona

She is back in Arizona and back to doing what she loves: giving her marketing strategies a soulful purpose.

CDA supports formation for all those discerning vocations to priesthood,...

When Catherine and Michael Clancy were engaged last year they had an unusual request for wedding guests.