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CDA funds mean ‘Love That Gives Hope’ [VIDEO]

The annual diocesan Charity and Development Appeal, which kicks off in parishes and missions the weekend of Feb. 11-12, is getting personal.

CDA grants foot the bill to educate and form local priests,...

All matters of great importance should first be discerned on the knees. The diaconate is the first of three ranks in ordained ministry, and the priesthood is the second. Both require years of formation and discernment, a process aided by support from the annual Charity and Development Appeal.

Confirmation season boosts children’s strength to grow in spirit, service

The Easter season ushers in renewed joy and grace made particularly evident through the sacrament of Confirmation.

Prison volunteers provide powerful witness to God’s mercy

An array of negative emotions swirls behind the barbed wire, steel bars and cold concrete walls that surround jails and prisons across Arizona, but so does hope thanks to Catholic volunteers.

CDA supports domestic violence victims, others in crisis

“It’s a cycle I’ve seen all my life with my mom — a vicious cycle — and I’m trying to break it,” said a survivor of domestic violence now safely staying at a CDA-funded shelter.

Annual diocesan charity appeal supports works of mercy

Timothy and JoAnn Holland, this year’s co-chairs for the annual diocesan Charity and Development Appeal (CDA), have a simple message: if every Catholic gave one dollar more than they did last year, the campaign would raise an extra $700,000.

Apoyo diocesano para los seminaristas es parte crucial del CDA

El largo camino hacia la ordenación es un arduo viaje de formación para un hombre que escucha la llamada a las sagradas órdenes.

Diocesan support for seminarian formation makes up crucial part of CDA

The financial blow to the families of men discerning priesthood — some $35,000-$45,000 per year for seminary education, food, housing and insurance — could be insurmountable over the next six to nine years if not for the annual Charity and Development Appeal.

Fondos de CDA apoyan formación de la fe en las parroquias

En gran medida, la catequesis sistemática es la responsabilidad de las parroquias a través de sus programas de educación religiosa (RE) que enseñan la...

CDA funds support faith formation, sacramental preparation in parishes

The effort to pass on the teachings of the Catholic Church is supported each year through generous donations to the Charity and Development Appeal.