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Earlier this month, we re-visited headlines from our April issues 25 years ago. Today, we look 10 and 20 years into our past. Some headlines, such as those relating to the death penalty, are appropriately similar to today’s headlines as the Church’s teachings withstand time.

In 2002…

  • Immaculate Heart rededicated
    The fire department was on hand again for the occasion. This time, for crowd control. A fire in April 2000 destroyed the church on Washington Street at Ninth Street. It was rededicated on Palm Sunday 10 years ago.
  • Death penalty debate heats up: DNA proves death-row inmate innocent
    The subject again made Catholic Sun headlines in recent weeks withDozens protest death penalty on eve of execution
  • Diocese creates two new parishes, relocates one to meet growth
    Cave Creek received its first parish, St. Gabriel, and Gilbert its second with St. Mary Magdalene
    . St. Benedict Parish in Ahwatukee moved locations.
  • Myth and reality: Legend of Padre Pio transforms Italian village
    Work began on an 8,000-seat church built to accommodate the nearly $8 million who visited his home annually. The church would include a 6,000-pipe organ and 50 confessionals.
  • Tempe youth minister gets two-day look at lobbying in nation’s capital
  • Vatican correspondents to bring ‘inside knowledge’ to Valley
  • Alaskan priest dies in crash while flying to celebrate Mass
    The priest/pilot was a retired Navy chaplain. He crashed into a mountain during a snow storm on his way to offer the Palm Sunday liturgy.
  • Participants lose weight, gain spirituality through Bible study program
    The 12-week Bible study and instructional DVD series still exists. Learn more.

In 1992…

  • Eucharistic devotion makes comeback at four parishes
    St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Helen in Glendale, and in Scottsdale St. Maria Goretti and Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Some chapels were converted cry rooms. OLPH recently held a formal 20-year anniversary celebration.
  • On the death penalty…
    Lawmakers seek to restrict death sentences; Bishops oppose what citizens support
    Hundreds pray at prison, others shout ‘kill him!’
  • New church on Vegas strop to cater to Catholics
    A Catholic News Service story reported that a 1,000-seat cathedral on the north end wasn’t enough. Planned for a 2,000-seat shrine at the south end to open the following year. That church ultimately became the Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer.
  • Restorers to decide who stays dressed in Michelangelo’s fresco