St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Chandler invites everyone — Catholic and non-Catholic alike — to its Year of Faith Advent event. Tim Francis, founder of You Shall Believe Ministries, will share the same presentation three times Dec. 1-3.

The free talk is billed to be appropriate for all audiences including skeptics, doubters, believers and non-believers. Francis will likely show:

  • exclusive footage of a stigmatist who bleeds from her hands, feet and head like Jesus did.
  • a consecrated Communion host becoming living flesh and blood
  • A scientist (and former atheist) who witnessed a Jesus statue weeping real tears

…as well as the scientific testing behind it all.


If interested in going, here’s the flyer with all of the specifics. Plus a handy map. The Dec. 1-2 talks are in the evening with a $4 meal also available. There is childcare available for the 9:30 a.m. presentation Dec. 3.

There is also a bonus, ticketed event 6:30 p.m. Dec. 3. The reception focuses on “weapons for evangelization” and includes appetizers and desserts.

St. Andrew will not be the first parish to host the presentation. St. Jerome in and St. James in Glendale brought the “Science Tests Faith” event to their parishes earlier this year. That must have been a repeat visit to St. James because Hal Pawlowski, a parishioner posted his comments about the presentation online in October 2011:

I am a cradle Catholic for the last 75+ years, with the usual belief hiatus in the 15th through 25th years. Considered my self a “good” Catholic for the last 50 years, though I have come to realize my belief in the true nature of the Eucharist was lacking. Saw the Science Tests Faith video at a Men’s Club Meeting a couple of weeks ago and I now DO BELIEVE! All has been reinforced with attending a presentation by Tim Francis at St James Parish Family here in Glendale, AZ this weekend. I am now faced with that daunting question, what are you going to do about it?

Kenny Wharton’s mom convinced him to go to the second night of the three-day parish mission at St. James earlier this year and here’s part of what he posted online afterward:

I used to want to be just like you. I was so on fire with my faith and understood the fullness of faith that the Catholic Church has. I had a great relationship with the Eucharist but somewhere along the way life happened and I started putting good things before the Great things. I lost my passion but never the knowledge. I began to question (probably out of guilt) faith, religion and God in general. Seeing you and your passion brought me right back. I was an occasional mass attendee, mostly holidays. After your talk I made a good confession and now attend Mass DAILY as much as I can. I long for it when I cannot go and I look forward to it every day. I plan my schedule to include mass first as much as I can.

And here’s what their pastor, Fr. James Aluinzi, wrote in the bulletin after the parish mission.