Local media await a pro-life rally featuring Live Action's Lila Rose as one of the speakers in this Catholic Sun file photo (Ambria Hammel/CATHOLIC SUN)
Local media await a pro-life rally featuring Live Action’s Lila Rose as one of the speakers in this Catholic Sun file photo (Ambria Hammel/CATHOLIC SUN)

Journalists in the secular press have been working to cover church news in recent weeks and months. Take a look:

  • Pastor highlighted in Williams News — The article welcome Fr. Kilian McCaffrey as pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Williams (the gateway to the Grand Canyon). He has triple pastor duty including St. Francis Parish in Seligman (45 minutes west) and St. Anne Mission in Ash Fork (23 minutes west). Read the article and learn more about his background and personal interests.
  • ASU Newman Center on FOX 10 — Electronic tithing has been a parish concept for several years. The All Saints Catholic Newman Center upgraded that idea when its new church opened earlier this year. FOX 10 profiled the tithing effort June 21. Registered members can swipe a debit or credit card at a kiosk near the church entrance to contribute to the collection basket. Watch the segment (text of story follows).
  • Catholic Charities foster mom on KAZ-TV — Prescott’s “Morning Scramble” interviewed a foster mom and a Catholic Charities staff member in June. At the time of the airing, the mom had been fostering for about a year and the girls were transitioning back to their dad’s home. I liked hearing that. I usually hear about reuniting with mom. Watch the video.
  • Franciscan Renewal Center in Arizona Republic — The Scottsdale section of the metro paper published an article July 10 about ongoing renovations for the courtyard and guest rooms.
  • Church donation in Verde Independent — Funds will support Catholic Charities’ new Forward Steps program. The idea is to help disabled and chronically homeless individuals and families by offering them shelter and case management. Read article.
  • Brophy coach on Internet golf show — Varsity coach Jon Shores was featured on “Straight Down the Middle” June 25. He is entering his 13th year with the team. Listen to the interview.

And let’s not forget our partners in the Catholic press:

  • “We Sing Our Faith” — Julie Carrick, a Scottsdale-based Catholic artist launched this weekly show on the Guadalupe Radio Network just over two months ago and has already interviewed two local artists, including the most recent show. She interviewed Doug Slater this week, who coincidentally is another Scottsdale-based Catholic artist.
    Find archived guest segments on the Carrick Ministries page. A bit of Carrick’s story aired first. Michael John Poirier was also featured.
    Feel free to listen live online Thursdays at 1 p.m. CDT on the Guadalupe Radio Network. I listened to the first show live via the “North Texas” link, but I’m guessing any of them will work.