Leah Darrow is an international Catholic speaker and apologist for Catholic Answers. (courtesy photo)
Leah Darrow is an international Catholic speaker and apologist for Catholic Answers. (courtesy photo)

Leah Darrow, a full-time apologist who once appeared on “America’s Next Top Model,” addressed hundreds of young Catholics across the Diocese of Phoenix Oct. 23 in at least three stops. She spoke to girls at both Xavier and Notre Dame college preparatories before heading to Flagstaff to address college youth at the Holy Trinity Newman Center.

Darrow spoke on the dangers of accepting imitation love from the world and its consequences while at Notre Dame. Her talk, “Reclaim Love: Meant For More,” drew upon her experiences in fashion, television and the moments during and after her conversion. She challenged Notre Dame’s young women to “reclaim love” in their lives and to accept nothing less than authentic love while embracing their God-given greatness.

Leah Darrow’s message for men


Notre Dame’s boys weren’t deprived a chance at a spiritual recharge. While Darrow addressed the women, Fr. John Parks, campus chaplain, directed a panel discussion on what it means to be a man and a son, both of a father and of the Father.

Darrow later spoke to 1,200 girls at Xavier and then to young adults at the Holy Trinity Newman Center. Inspired by John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and Pope Benedict XVI, Darrow reaches out to all those lost in sin and scared to change and offers them the lighted pathway to Christ, Hope and Salvation. She inspires and challenges her audiences to accept the mercy of Christ, embrace true love, and welcome conversion.

Darrow has appeared on numerous secular and non-secular television and radio programs, including EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” and “Faith and Culture” programs. Three years ago, she spoke on behalf of international youth at the United Nations’ panel discussion.

Darrow has a bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and is working toward her Masters in Pastoral Theology in the IPT program at Ave Maria University.