Twins Kyle and Kolby Estfan and their cousin Sam, pose with part of their family following the May 25 graduation from Bourgade Catholic High School. There are 20 other Bourgade alumni in their family tree including Pat (’82), Stacie (’80), Mike (’79), Tristan (’14) and Charlie (’15). (courtesy photo)

Twins Kolby and Kyle Estfan plus their cousin, Sam Estfan, turned their Class of 2017 tassel during the May 25 graduation ceremony for Bourgade Catholic High School.

The symbolic motion didn’t just proclaim themselves and their classmates as alumni. It meant they joined 20others in the Estfan family tree who are also Bourgade alumni. Their graduation also halted a more than 40-year tradition of having family members enrolled or actively involved at the 55-year-old school.

“My parents enrolled my older sister at Bourgade Catholic in 1975. Since then, at least one family member was in attendance at the school through 1987. My parents put eight kids through the school at that time,” explained Mike Estfan, Kyle and Kolby’s father, who graduated from Bourgade Catholic in 1979. “There was a brief gap from 1987 to 1994, when the new generation of Estfan family members finally grew old enough to continue the tradition of attending the school.”

In the interim, Kolby, Kyle, and Sam’s grandparents were very active at Bourgade Catholic.

“Their grandfather served on multiple school committees, helped with school fundraisers, attended many athletic events, and served as a Diocesan School Board member, eventually moving into the position of president of the Diocesan School Board and president of Catholic Education Arizona’s board of directors,” Estfan said.

The youngest members of the Estfan family tree pose in this 2013 photo. (courtesy photo)

Beyond that, Mike Estfan and his sister, Julie, coached the varsity Eagles in softball for 11 years.

Another of Mike Estfan’s sisters, Stacie, graduated from Bourgade Catholic in 1980, along with her high school sweetheart. They later married and enrolled their children at the school, as well.

The Estfan family started a legacy at Bourgade Catholic, not only because of the value they place on a Catholic education, but also largely in part, due to the success that is experienced during and after their time at Bourgade Catholic.

Six family members are currently enrolled in college and 13 hold a degree from a 4-year university. Of the college graduates, three have gone on to graduate with an MBA, three with a Master’s in Education, and one became a doctor.

“I think that all of us are better people because of our time at the school and I am excited to see what the future holds for my sons and nephew,” Estfan said. “It is apparent that the school well-prepares anyone for the journey beyond high school, as demonstrated by our family’s successes. Bourgade Catholic places an emphasis on academic success, as well as the importance of a family-centered atmosphere — two values that drew my family to the school in the first place.”

The 2017-18 school year will be the first since 1994 that a family member will not be enrolled at Bourgade Catholic. Estfan is hopeful that the lull is temporary.

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courtesy of Fr. Kurt Perera, chaplain