The “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante” Campaign and the Charity and Development Appeal are two critical funding appeals for the Diocese of Phoenix. But what do they do? Why two?

According to Cande de Leon, the director of the Office of Mission Advancement, each diocesan campaign has different purposes and goals, but both fill a need in the diocese to advance the mission.

“Think about the ‘Together’ campaign as something that is long-term, for major needs in the diocese and significant projects that are outside of our normal operations that we would budget for — a high school in the [far] West Valley or $10 million toward Newman Centers,” de Leon said. “The CDA is really something that is for ‘now’ monies to help make the day-to-day operations of the Diocese of Phoenix’s ministries happen. It helps keep the doors open.”

That’s why the ‘Together’ campaign has earmarked $3.8 million for “Ministry Support” to help maintain the CDA’s operational boost of ministries and apostolates.

The Charity and Development Appeal, which began in 1970, helps to fund 71 vital ministries and programs throughout the diocese that help serve those in need and evangelize. The “Together” campaign, which began in 2017, is an evangelization and discipleship appeal with a goal of raising funds for long-term projects throughout the diocese.

During the past 50 years since it was established in 1969, the Diocese of Phoenix has grown from 200,000 Catholics to more than 1.1 million, and many parishes, schools and Catholic social service organizations now need to expand their physical buildings and spiritual programs to accommodate the growth and development.

De Leon compared the “Together” campaign to a savings account and the Charity Development Appeal, or CDA, to a checking account.

“You might be surprised by people right in your parish who have been helped through CDA-funded organizations,” said Lisa Wentz, director of the Charity and Development Appeal. “Deacons and religious educators receive formation and training through the Kino Institute. Maybe somebody sitting next to you has received counseling at Catholic Charities.”

Wentz said that the CDA serves people who receive a free ultrasound at Life Choices Women’s Clinic or a free pregnancy test at the Aid to Women Center. The funding serves engaged couples to attend marriage preparation or Natural Family Planning classes and also helps aging parents receive loving care and participate in activities at the Foundation for Senior Living’s Adult Day Health Services Centers, which allow the caregiver to work during the day.

“All of these are concrete examples of real people who receive God’s love and mercy through CDA-funded programs,” Wentz said. “Through a gift to the CDA, you become the heart and hands of Jesus.”

“I think one of the most important things about the CDA is to remember that it is not just money going into this fund — that real people have devoted their lives to serving others and those moneys directly impact the lives of people,” de Leon said. “When you give to the CDA, you are saying that they matter. Not just the people who are the beneficiaries, but also the people who have dedicated their lives to the recipients.”

De Leon said that since both campaigns have different missions, he sees several common reasons parishioners give to both.

“They believe in the mission, they believe in stewardship and they are generous people who just want to help,” de Leon said.