The Lord heals the brokenhearted is not only the theme for this year’s Charity and Development Appeal (CDA), it could be the motto of First Way Pregnancy Center, says Glynnis Weston, who is the head peer counselor. The center accompanies women in their pregnancies, providing spiritual and emotional support. The center offers educational classes to mothers and fathers, medical grade pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, diapers, clothing and more.

“[We] help them see a little bit of light in the darkness. Some women have no hope outside of their situations. Some of our clients come back three, four or five times with different pregnancies. They’re receiving love.”

First Way started with two women and a desire to let women know that they have a choice, that there are people who care. Fifty years later, the center is still caring for the brokenhearted.

“The majority that come in here … their hearts [have] been broken. The trauma that we see in some of these women is just tremendous,” Weston said. “We begin that process of healing with them right there in the room, just listening.

“One time a lady [said], ‘Thank you for listening to me, because no one listens to me.’ We begin the possibility of healing hearts. They don’t even know that their heart can be healed.”

Weston said it’s because of the CDA that the First Way staff is able to accompany clients.
“We build relationship, and we can only really do that … when we know that everything else is in place for that client. The CDA is like a support net. Sometimes just that material support is everything to making the decision to parent or not.”

Your gift to the CDA makes it possible for pregnant mothers, families of those incarcerated, children in foster care, and so many others to experience the healing love of Christ. Make your gift today at