New York Cardinal’s reflections provide much food for spiritual thought

Anyone who has ever heard Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan — in personal conversation, interviewed on TV, giving a homily or addressing a conference — knows the archbishop of New York is not at a loss for words.

Church, world need St. Joseph’s spiritual care in tough times, says priest WASHINGTON (CNS) — Marian Father Donald Calloway believes the Holy Spirit wants to draw Catholics’ attention...

College senior’s children’s book explores Catholic aspects of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (CNS) — Regina Munsch hopes her children’s book, “Growing Up Catholic in Pittsburgh,” finds its way into “church bags” throughout the region.

New books offer spiritual nourishment during Lent, Easter season

18 books for you to consider ordering, buying from your parish gift shop or checking out from the diocesan Kino Library.

‘He was a great,’ Pope Francis says of St. John Paul II

It's part biography of the late pope who would be 100 later this year and part Pope Francis' reflection about their encounters and spirituality.

Scottsdale singer captures sounds of ‘Unfailing grace’ in first book

It’s about a woman’s Catholic faith and how to live it, most notably in the Valleys, but at all points along the journey. Or, as part of the subtitle calls it, “Showing the Beauty of This Tapestry of Life.”

Conversion is aim of pope’s ‘great reform,’ author says

Pope Francis has spoken several times about the church and its ministers recognizing their woundedness, seeking forgiveness and taking a step toward conversion, the author said.

Re-published anthology highlights essentials of St. Newman’s theology

It’s October, All-Souls Day on the event horizon; and, it is the month that John Henry Newman is presented to the Church as a saint.

Bishop’s book on sexual abuse crisis more about scandal than healing

The title of Bishop Robert E. Barron’s “Letter to a Suffering Church” led me — as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse — to hope for a book like Fr. Thomas Berg’s excellent 2017 work “Hurting in the Church.”

New book highlights 12 historic homilies delivered in times of crisis

BALTIMORE (CNS) — As the Nazi regime systematically killed those it deemed mentally ill or “unproductive,” a fearless bishop of the Diocese of Munster, Germany, took to the pulpit in 1941 to denounce and challenge what was happening.